Thank you Jason!

I owe Jason, our high school Pastor, a huge thank you for the deep belly laugh I had this afternoon when I saw this video he had posted on his facebook! If you've ever volunteered or been on staff for a student "overnighter", you'll appreciate this more than the average person!! Can I just say, this is me EVERY YEAR when Travis tells me that we have one of these...let's just say, New Year's Eve takes a huge amount of PREP on my part to get PYSCHED UP for 12 hours with students!! You'll also appreciate Rhianna's "Umbrella" song stuck in your head, only instead of singing "umbrella, ella, ella" you'll be singing "overnighter, nighter, nighter..." Enjoy!!


Sarah said...

BAHAHA! "Snakey teen..."

Jesse and Stacie said...


Jesse here (welcoming myself to our account for the first time)...

I particularly enjoyed the jousting teens - how come we didn't get to do that this year at Grace?? My favorite is still racing Riley down to the end of the parking lot in zero-degree weather at 1AM!

More importantly, how great was 80's night on Idol?! Did you shun it? I hope you and Travis aren't fighting now because of it :)

The Martins said...

I love it! Can't we all relate?!