Cutie Pies

We have had such a fun time lately with the three little guys that I nanny for. We had them last weekend while their parents were out of town and we had such a blast! They are "all boy", i.e.-loud, active, and physical, but absolutely sweet and totally fun. I really would love to be a Mom of boys. I have been with these guys for a little over a year now and I just love them. Travis and I have gotten to know their Mom and Dad pretty well, and of course the boys, and we are so grateful for the small role we play (and they play) in our lives. I just love all the activity and intensity they bring...who knew that about me? I always pictured myself with sweet little girls! Of course I'd HAPPLIY take EITHER if given the opportunity, but surprisingly, nannying has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of boys!

Anyway, we took them to Mall of America for the grand opening of the new Nickelodean Theme Park...crazy, but fun. I was the classic holder of all the stuff; the guardian of the stroller; the picture taker, and Travis was the one who rode the rides with them. We were exhausted by the time we made it home for lunch, but glad we went...they loved it. Anyway, here are some fun pictures of them. If I have to work (and I do) I really couldn't ask for a better job!! They make it easy to get out of bed and show up every week!

Aren't they cute?? I am smiling here, but actually sweating and starving...good practice for motherhood, right? Your needs always take a backseat to everyone else's!

Travis is the best! He jumps right in and does anything with these guys and they love him!!

Riding the "Big Rig" ride...if you can call moving at a snail's pace around a track, a ride!

Again, same drill, different "ride"...

The look Barrett gave me when I told him he didn't have to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap with his brothers! He previously gave me a look that said he was having none of that!!

Ben and Finn however, were all about the Easter Bunny this year.

Travis, waiting in yet another endless line, for a 30 second gotta love it.

At home playing "Police"...again, I love this about's all about the Police vs. the robbers, Batman vs. the bad guys, and my team vs. yours!

The cutest little ham in the family!


Jerbecca said...

I always pictured little girly girls too but boys are the sweetest-(and they REALLY love their mommies!)
They are little cutie-pies. I bet that is a fun job-3 boys- wow!! Great practice for motherhood!
I like you hair longer! Very pretty!


Yes the mommy of Boys is quite fun except when you have a playdate with a MOm of all girls! She just keeps looking at you in hidden horror as your sweet little boys use sword, guns, and thing they can find to play "fight." Then you find yourself trying to explain that they really are good little boys! HA! Or you try to explain that it is pointless to ban guns (they make them anyway) and better to teach gun safety. Then she looks at you like you are completely insane and wonders if she should pack up her girls right now!