Candids on the Veranda

The famous sister shot....this year I insisted we "lean in close" so I didn't look like a giant again, towering over both of my shorter sisters!!

My whole life my Dad has been stuck holding something for the four of us, usually a purse but on this day, someone's bouquet!

My Mom on her cell phone, solving yet another crisis! Nothing like being Mother-of-the-Bride!!

My parents, thrilled with how everything was turning out, and thinking, "we did it!"

My Dad, laughing about who know what?? At least he's laughing and not crying!

My sweet friend, Annette (Olivia's Mom) was with us all day, which was so great. I miss her a lot!

That sweet bride, taking this whole day in and loving it! Aren't her flowers amazing?

The cute little ring bearer, Jen and Dave's nephew...he and Olivia didn't have too much to do with each other!

One of my favorite pictures from the day, Stacie and I, finally sitting down!

Jennie with her stunning best friend, Cady. We love Cady, she's practically part of the family!!!

Jennie and Stacie, looking beautiful, especially in that light...

Two gorgeous brown-eyed, brunettes! Isn't this a sweet picture?

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Faith said...

These pics are amazing! Love the one of you and pretty!