Wedding Week Prep...Last Monday

So when I arrived in Iowa last Monday morning, there was much to do! Stacie and I had our final fittings for our dresses right away, which fit perfectly, and then we just did as we were told! On the agenda that evening, was tying bows for the wedding programs. The ivory inserts weren't ready yet, so we just worked on the brown jackets and the bows. Jennie's future mother-in-law and sister-in-laws came over, along with her best friend and we worked, laughed, and drank coffee!! The boys, Jesse and my Dad, were busy too...playing Mario Kart on our wii! I decided to bring it with me for the week, and we all had lots of fun playing all the games. It was a good stress relief at the beginning of the week! Towards the end of the week however, it went untouched! Priorities, priorties, priorities!!

I believe we've done this twice before! This was step one, of a two step program assembly.

The bow-tying crew! We tied, and tied, and tied some more to get those programs ready!

We designed the programs to look just like the invitations...they were very pretty!

The blushing bride, getting more excited by the minute!!

These two were doing the wedding thing exactly one year ago, on June 1st

Happy Anniversary Jesse and Stacie! One year down, many more to go!!!

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Faith said...

Oh, I remember doing this! Me, my mom, Chad and his friend from Germany were all in Kinko's making copies at midnight for our programs. We had such fun! The assembly line works well!