No Rest For The Weary!

Thank you for your praying yesterday for the people in Iowa who are experiencing record floods. We are heartbroken for the suffering many people are going through and we pray the Lord will see fit to move those storms and tornadoes out of there soon! We are also incredibly grateful for His timing, purely for selfish reasons. If Jennie's wedding would have been today and not last Friday, I doubt it would have one from out of town could have come, including us, because it is so difficult to even get in and out. All the highways are closed, except for one, and most of the vendors that we used are totally out of commission right now. The two bridal salons that we used are in downtown Waterloo and downtown Cedar Falls....both of which are flooded and evacuated. Can you imagine the poor brides who were planning their big day for today and tomorrow? I'm sad for those business owners too, who've had a horrible week, trying to save their inventory and having to stay closed, losing any opportunity for business. Again, we are thankful for the way the Lord truly BLESSED Jennie and Dave's day. He deserves our praise either way. On good days and bad ones, in storms and out of them. God is sovereign over all these days and He truly gave us a gift last Friday with a perfectly sunny, dry day. Thank you Jesus!!

Some of you asked me and emailed me about my parents. They did get water in their basement, again, but they are not complaining or worried one bit about it. So many people, just miles away, have lost their homes and everything they hold dear, so as my Mom told me yesterday, "Having a little water in the basement is nothing compared to having your whole house flooded." Thank you for caring about them.

I'm writing to tell you that in my exhausted, inadequate state, I am leading a junior high girls weekend today, aptly named "BFF Weekend" and Travis left yesterday for a junior high boys wilderness/camping trip. He is in northern Minnesota, near Canada, on three islands with 50 boys and leaders. I'm sure they are having a great time, getting all dirty and not showering!! We girls are doing things a little bit differently!! However, I will be tied up with this event for a few days, so it won't be until Sunday that I get a chance to catch my breath. I'm praying for a fun weekend for both groups and trusting that the weather forecast will stay dry for both of us... thank you Jesus! I have more wedding pictures, STILL, and other things to tell you, but no time!! Welcome to my world of summer student ministry... no time to rest! Happy weekend to you all!!


Kelly said...

Have a good time with those girls - I know they appreciate you!
I have been so sad for Iowa. I can't imagine how those people must feel. I'm thinking of your family.

Faith said...

Boy, that is so true about your sister's wedding. Still praying for all those who are going through this right now.
Can't wait to hear about your girls weekend...I'm sure it will be so much fun. I remember how much I loved things like that when I was in jr. high. I pray that it will be full of blessings and that you will be able to rest some on Sunday!

MiMi said...

I am so thankful that your sister's wedding was planned for the weekend that it was planned for. I am also thankful that your parents did not have any damage. I will continue praying for those that were not so fortunate. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your girls!