Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Dave Knapp!!

I just got home from Iowa tonight. I've been there for the last week, getting ready for my sister Jennie's wedding on Friday night. It was a beautiful wedding, but a stressful week. I am EXHAUSTED!! I have over 400 pictures from the week and lots of great stories, but I'm too tired and overwhelmed to tackle any of that tonight! I'm sorry it's been a lame blogging week...I wanted to update several times, but we were just way too busy!! Anyway, I'll try to fill you in over the next few days, but here are a few shots from a wonderful night for my sister and our family. Enjoy!


Faith said...

Oh, that's right!!! It was the big weekend! You all look absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad it was a wonderful time with your family.
Hope you get caught up on your rest! Can't wait to hear more later!

Mike said...

AAhhhh.... love the pictures. Your dresses look really fun and beautiful! I'm sure you are exhausted......Can't wait to see more pics!

Kelly said...

I'm loving all the updates and I can't wait to see more pics! I love your sister's dress and the bridesmaid dresses!!!! It looks like it was beautiful and so fun!

Jerbecca said...

I love Travis' glasses! And what a Beautiful dress!!! Wow!!