Pre-Wedding Shots

My handsome husband and I, bracing ourselves for a day of smiling!

My Mom and I... doesn't she look pretty in that brown dress?

Jennie with my parents.... their last little girl, all grown up!

My other sister, Stacie and her husband, Jesse.

Travy, with the handsome groom (and our new brother-in-law), Dave.

Little miss Olivia with Travis... at any given time during the day, you could find Olivia with either one of us! We LOVED it!!


sheltonfamily said...

I feel like I attended the wedding! I love all the pics... the last one of travis and olivia is oh so cute! You are going to have so many to choose from to put in your house. It looks like it was a beautiful Iowa bride. I can't imagine your poor father and all the emotions he was going through on his "last" wedding. Wow!

MiMi said...

Thanks for making us all feel like we attended the wedding! You have captured some beautiful moments on camera and you will cherish them for always! I love the sister shot! I know that your parents have to feel a great sense of accomplishment, too. Thanks again for sharing your family's special day with all of us.

Faith said...

Love the pic of you and Travis and you and your mom....they are so good!