40 Weeks.

Well, I was hoping I wouldn't still be posting pictures at 40 weeks of me, but here we are :)  Just so I can remember it, here is what Ava Page Armstrong looked like on her due date...comfortable and content!  My belly could not be any bigger.  I look like I'm hiding all the eggs for the egg hunt in this picture :) I got my 40 week update email on Sunday and according to that, Ava is the size of a small pumpkin.  I believe that too!  It sure feels like I've got a pumpkin laying on my bladder, my spine, my tailbone, etc. :)  However, it's now time for that little pumpkin to be born and in my arms!  I will say that I am admittedly glad we made it to this week because I have peace of mind now that she got all the time she needed to develop and grow and to stay safely protected until it's time for her to be born.  Her lungs and organs and little body should be all ready to go on their own now.  That's a good feeling for a first time Mom!
I have to show you some of the things that have arrived lately!  I ordered this adorable market tote from my sweet blog friend, Faith.  Isn't it so cute??  She can monogram just about anything!  I have wanted one for awhile, but when I saw the damask pattern on her website, I had to get it.  That is my monogram for anyone who is curious :) I already used it to bring 2 casserole dishes with me on Easter, it's the perfect size for a 9x13, but I think I'm really going to use it to hold all my Bible study stuff that I have strewn all over the house.  Check out her website for all the fun colors and patterns.  She's so talented!!
She also surprised me and sent this sweet little onesie with Ava's monogram on it!  I love it :) It's the first thing I have with her official monogram...can't wait to put her in it!!

And here is a beautiful blanket that came from someone very dear to me :) My babysitter growing up, Hannah, made this for Ava.  It's the softest chenille and it reminds me of neopolitan ice-cream!  It's gorgeous and it will be another keepsake that we will cherish.  Thank you Hannah for making it!  I love it.

I know I mentioned that my sister Stacie is with me all week, but we also have another addition in the mix.  My Mom's dog Tigger decided to stay for the week too :) He loves Stacie and doesn't get to see her much anymore, so he and Ryley are buddies for the week while Stacie and I keep them entertained.  

As you can see, there is quite a size difference between the two :) Tigger is 4 lbs and Ryley is 84 lbs.  Yesterday while they were out on my balcony, we shut the slider door just to see what they would do...

Clearly Ryley is wondering, "How did I get outside with you?"

And Tigger is thinking, "I don't know, but someone let me in quick!!"

And then they both stared us down and began to whine and bark simultaneously :) Don't worry, we only had them out there for like 3 minutes and it was a warm day, but we got a good laugh out of it and they ran in so fast when we opened the door, they almost knocked both of us over!  
I thought I'd leave you with a picture of Tigger's favorite new spot, under Ava's swing :) We don't know why he likes to lay under there, but he loves it!  Maybe he knows Ryley can't get him under there :) We have been quite entertained by both of them already this week, but who knows how they're going to react when they are upstaged by Ava very soon!!  


MELISSA said...

oh my goodness... it could be any minute now!!!

Faith said...

So glad your package arrived and you are happy with everything! I can't wait to see little Ava in her onesie too!

P.S. Tigger is so cute!