Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!  I hope you had a very blessed day today.  We were so fortunate to have my family with us all weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other :) Stacie and Jesse flew in from North Carolina on Friday and my parents and Jennie came up from Iowa Friday afternoon.  We were missing Dave, Jennie's husband, because he had to hold the fort down at the Olive Garden this weekend...wish you were here Dave!!  We were all hoping of course to be greeting little Miss Ava, but since the Lord had other plans, we were happy to just have a good time together and relax.  

Today we went to church and celebrated our risen Savior and then we went to my cousin's house to eat with everybody.  We had a big house full, 27 of us all together!  It was very fun and I ate more than any pregnant lady should :) It dawned on me tonight that I have to get weighed tomorrow at my appointment...darn!  I guess when you reach 40 weeks, you're just entitled to do what you want!  For me that meant several helpings of my favorite cheesy potatoes :) 
Oh well...

Happy Easter from the Armstrongs!

All 3 of us :) 
It's rough trying to pull off a cute Easter outfit at 40 weeks!  Especially when I was hoping to escape it.  But, I did my best and I am happy to have these pictures for the scrapbook.  At least it was a gorgeous day!

Look at these adorable little Easter baskets my cousin Jenny made for all of us!  Cupcakes with candy handles and several pieces of candy :) Loved it Jen!!

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon in downtown Minneapolis and we ran into this beautiful horse, John. 
He was part of this horse and carriage duo :) Isn't that fun? I thought maybe I should get a ride and ask them to hit every pothole...maybe that would have started my labor??

We had dinner at one of our favorite places, a Japanese Steakhouse that Travis and I love. 

A great picture of the my family, before Ava joins us :) Kind of sad I wasn't in it, but we were already missing Dave so I guess that's ok.  

This gorgeous Church is right in the heart of downtown and we decided to tour it while we had some time to kill.  

It was amazing.  This was the chapel, such a beautiful space.  I was just dying over all the details and the architecture.  I took tons of pictures, the following are just a few.  I won't bore you with all of them, but the sanctuary was spectacular.  Unfortunately it was dark in there, so most of them didn't turn out.  But here are some that did...
Look at that stained glass window.  I love that passage and thought this was gorgeous.

Here I am in the sanctuary.  In case we didn't make it to the Easter service today, we took a picture of Ava in church :) Those lilies and hydrangeas were just so pretty and they covered the altar.  I can only imagine how good it smelled in there today!!

Travy was dreaming of preaching in there :) 

I am a sucker for a gorgeous window! 

I love this picture of us.  I realized the other day that we haven't taken very many together for the last few months.  Everything is of me and my stomach!! 

Stacie and Jesse

Jennie and my Dad
My sisters and I
Trying to recover from all the walking we did and the contractions I had :) 
It was fun day, but it's official now.  I'm ready to be done with being pregnant!!  My feet were hurting by the end of the night and my back was aching...but I slept great that night and we got some fresh Minnesota Spring air.  If Ava couldn't join us, it was the next best thing to a perfect weekend!!  


Dave and Jen said...

"Jennie, we're not riding in there! The man is dressed like he's half dead!!"

Rebecca Jo said...

I was so hoping for an Easter baby for you!!! :o)

Looks like you've so enjoyed your time! Great pic of you & hubs too!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, My mom always told me that little girls take a little longer to arrive...God is just putting the "extra" finishing touches on that special little bundle!! Muff

petrii said...

How adorable are you two(three)? These pics are so cute ~~ I mean really could ya'll be any cuter?

This looked like a GREAT weekend complete with great weather.

Have a Blessed Monday,

PS Here's hoping you'll have Miss Ava this week =)

Heather said...

I LOVE the pics of you and Travis!!! Ya'll are so precious together!
Can't wait to hear what the dr. says today....I think you will have a baby this week!!! Come on, AVA!

MELISSA said...

from looking at the pictures, i would never guess you are 40 weeks. you look wonderful!

and, im in love with that church!

MiMi said...

What wonderful pictures of you and Travis (and Ava)!

I think it's an unwritten rule that after 39 weeks you are able to eat anything that you want without any worries about weight! (-;

You definitely were successful at pulling off a cute Easter outfit at 40 weeks! You look adorable!

Praying for you this week!

Trish said...

I've been meaning to tell you - as my "congratulatory" gift to you guys, I wanted to offer to design your birth announcements (free of charge, of course). If you already have that lined up or have something already picked out - i will not be the least bit offended, but thought I would offer my services if you would be interested. Birth announcements are one of my favorite things to create :).

Ryan and Karis said...

Steph, I kind of chuckled at the fact that your countdown on the blog says that Ava is 2 days old now! Don't we wish :) All in God's perfect timing.

taralynn819 said...

This is oh so very random, but that Japanese Steakhouse is RIGHT across the street from the high rise my grandma used to live at. Since I no longer live in Mpls and my grandma passed away, the pictures made me nostalgic.