Happy Birthday to the One I Love!

We are celebrating a big day today in our house, it's Travis' birthday!!  I won't tell you how old he is, without asking him for permission first, but I bet most of you would guess wrong!  I married an older, wiser man who is the definition of "young at heart."  He fools just about everyone!  Most people usually guess me as the older one when they meet us, but I'm always happy to correct them...there are YEARS between us :)  

He has the day off today and we are going to do whatever he wants to do, which I'm sure will involve a movie and dinner out.  Last year at this time, we were sitting ocean-side in Marco Island, Florida (see picture below), this year we are homebound, but waiting on the best gift I could ever give him.  Although we miss the sunshine and warm weather, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than with my man today.  I put some pictures together of some fun memories over the last year, I think they capture the joy that radiates from my husband and my deep love for him.  I could write a book about all the things that I love about him, all the ways he blesses my heart.  He is for sure the greatest gift God has given me and I cannot imagine life without him.  Ryley, Ava and I are the most blessed of all, we get to have him in our lives and we get to be loved by him.

So, happy birthday Travis!  I love you and always will.  You are a treasure to me and my very best friend.  I can't wait to make you a daddy very, very soon!  Ava has no idea what she's about to be born into.  Very soon you'll have two girls who absolutely adore you :) Enjoy today!!  
Love you forever, 


Jesse and Stacie said...

Happy Birthday Travy!!!!!!!! Hope you have a GREAT day and we can't wait to see you next week. :) Your card is in the mail and your present will come with us. :) Love ya!!!!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Stephanie! Hope you both enjoy the day!!!

And what a nice video... I gotta ask about the picture with the disco afro hair & the plaid jacket... WOW - there's a picture for you! :-)

Faith said...

Happy Birthday Travis!!!

Hope y'all have so much fun celebrating!

Gretchen and Jimmy said...

Aww you two are so cute! Hope your Hubby had a great birthday!

Joyce said...

You two are so cute!

Our happiest family vacations have been spent in Marco Island. And for the record, I could easily just move right into the Marriott there : )

Happy Birthday to your hubs!

petrii said...

Happy Birthday Travis!!!

Stephanie, I LOVED this pic montage ~~ LOVE IT!!

What a blessing you are to blogworld.

Have a Blessed and fun Friday,