Sweet Sunday :)

We've had a fun weekend and another memorable one.  Travis' Mom came last night, just before bedtime, and had her first encounter with her newest granddaughter.   
Here they are, just moments after Grandma walked in the door.  What a fun night for Trav and his Mom, and Ava, who loved meeting her "Texie"!!  
Ava's cousins call Trav's mom "Grandma Texas" and "Texie", so we'll have to see what sticks with Ava :) 
I love this one because they were having a little conversation together and Ava was fixated on her Grandma Texas :) 

Today was a big day because today Ava and I went to Church for the first time together and we got to see where Daddy works.  Of course it was freezing cold out and pouring rain, but we did it and managed to be on time!  It was a good taste of what every Sunday is going to be like...lots of work :) Travis is always out the door by 6 am, so it's just going to be me and my girl.  But she was great and it was fun to get out of the house too!
Ava cooperated and did exactly what you see here, she slept.  
And we smothered her in kisses the whole time...

Tomorrow is Daddy's first day back at work, we're all going to be slightly miserable about it :) 
We've gotten used to spending all of our time together, doing important stuff like this :) 
What a sweetie-pie.  That hair gets me in this picture :) I had the sweetest morning with her, sitting in the service while she slept in my arms...What a blessing to finally have her here, and to think of all the services I sat through, aching to be a Mom...She was definitely worth the wait!!
Here she is, wiped out from the many, many people who wanted to see her, touch her, and hold her.  It was a busy morning but a sweet one too :) 


Rebecca Jo said...

I love how fixated she is on grandma's face...

& I'm anxious to see how many times Travis calls tomorrow to check on his two ladies!

Rebecca said...

she looks more adorable all the time!

and i know what you mean about sunday being hard work! jeremy leaves a little after 7am and i gotta get both of them ready and leave by 9:45am (i skip sunday school now!!) and kenna loves to poop or spit up right before we walk out the door, usually once i already have tate in the car!

AmandaHoyt said...

Looks like an awesome day!
I remember when Chris went back to work after Caitlin was born - it was a tough day. I hope you and Ava have a wonderful first day together alone.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby! She always looks happy! I think Texie will stick since Ava is officially a Minnesota girl. Give her a smooch for me! Peggy

sheltonfamily said...

Yea! Getting to church will be easier every week except now with 2 it can be a challenge. I am just glad we don't have to do it in the snow! She's so cute!

Joyce said...

Congratulations on your adorable little daughter's birth. I've been out of town all week so am just now seeing her pics. She is just too cute. Everyone looks so happy. And Daddies with daughters are special.

Enjoy every goes way too fast.

petrii said...

She is just precious!! I wondered if ya'll went to church yesterday, how great to get to share her with your church family!!!

Have a Blessed Monday,

Mrs. McB said...

How adorable! I love the pictures of her and her grandma and the ones of her and her daddy.