6 Months Old!!

Wow Ava, you are already 6 months old!!  It's crazy how quickly time is flying by...You are growing like a little weed right before our eyes!  A cute little weed :)

Would you like to know some of your 6 month stats??
-After we took you to the doctor last week, we know that you are now a whopping 14 lbs. and 8 oz.!!  You're on a good, steady growth curve, but you are a petite little girl :)
-You are 26" long and you now wear size 6 mo. in clothes.
-You've been wearing a size 2 diaper comfortably, but we moved you up to a size 3 for bedtime.
-You still drink 4-5 bottles a day, but somedays are better than others!  Sometimes you like your bottle, but you're so distracted these days, it's kind of like a wrestling match to feed you sometimes.  You do love your baby food though!  Right now you are eating the following things: applesauce, pears, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, peas, squash and carrots.  You gobble it up every time and you get so excited when you see your bowl on the tray!  You're now old enough to start snacking on some banana pieces and some soft crackers, according to your doctor.  I'm sure you're going to love that!

Yep, I knew that would excite you!
Would you like to hear some other "firsts" from this month?

Your Dad and I love that we often catch you sucking on your left thumb now!  
We wish you'd trade it for a pacifier, but it's so cute to see you put that little thumb in your mouth :)  Speaking of your pacifier, you've wanted nothing to do with it for the last few months until just a few days ago, when you found one and started chewing on it.  Now you love it!  Not for sucking, but for chewing...those teeth are definitely on their way!

The biggest change in you this month is in how well you sit up!  You love to sit on the floor with your toys and explore everything around you.  You look like such a big girl when you do this and you still stop me in my tracks sometimes when I realize how quickly you are growing up.

It doesn't last very long though because you are a girl on the move!  Within a few minutes, you are usually on your tummy, scooting and reaching for something else.  We know it's just going to be a matter of time before you are crawling, you are such a little wiggle worm!

Did I mention that you just keep getting cuter??

You still love your excersaucer and anything that you can dance in.  You're kind of a wild woman in this and especially in your johnny jump-up!  You run around in it and swing yourself from one side of the doorway to the other.  It cracks us up and makes us nervous for when you are mobile!  I have a feeling you are going to a lot like your Dad...

Ava we love taking you places!  You are so good about being out and about and on the go and you're so darn cute that we get lots of people who stop us and want to see you.  But, you may have seen your last restaurant for awhile because...

When we took you out with your Texie, you were such a stinker!!  You tried to climb out of your car seat and I am not kidding!  With a grin on your face, you literally tried to pull yourself out and over the edge of your car seat, numerous times.  Obviously we had to take you out and hold you, which was also a nightmare!  So, for the first time, we strapped you into a highchair and prayed that would satisfy you :) Oh how we underestimated you!  You pulled everything off the table in sight, you tried to bite the corner of the table and you threw your toys on the floor repeatedly.  Oh Ava, if we didn't love you so much...

Due to the same squirminess, you also had another big first on a shopping trip to Costco with me.  In a moment of desperation, I put you in the seat of the cart, wondering if you were even big enough to sit there!  Well, I should have known how much you were going to love your new perch!!

You hung right on to the edge of the cart and looked at everyone and everything, so proudly.  And then it took you all of 10 seconds to look in my purse, spot my phone, and pull it out to put in your mouth.  It I wasn't so sentimental about this whole thing, I would have enjoyed it more!  Something about you being this big makes me a little sad...where is my newborn baby??

Bath time has become a lot more fun for all of us!  You sit so well in your little tub and you love your toys, especially your books.  You splash like crazy and try to drink the water now too!  Your Dad thinks that's so funny :)

You are still such a great sleeper Ava!  You sleep an average of 10.5-11 hours at night and you take 2 naps every day.  We love you for that :) You are just a little monkey in your crib and while we still lay you down on your back, you immediately roll right over to your tummy and you sleep that way all night.    We usually find you playing in your crib in the morning, trying to put your feet in your mouth or trying to move all over the crib.

You're so snuggly in the morning, it's just the best!!

Ava, do you know how much we love you little girl??  6 months is such a fun age.  We are enjoying everything about you getting older and we are the proudest parents in the world watching you grow.  You are a precious gift to us Ava and we could never have predicted how much of our hearts you would take over.  The days keep falling off the calendar but our hearts are overwhelmed with the joy you've brought us for the last 6 months.

We think you're the sweetest little girl and we love you deeply Pagey.
Happy 6 months baby!


Rebecca Jo said...

I cant believe she's 6 months old... Ava just looks like the happiest baby! Time just goes so fast...

~Bekah said...

OMG Stephanie Ava is ADORABLE!! I CANNOT BELIEVE she is 6 months old! Course I can't believe Shelby is 20 weeks old! Time has flown...i love Ava's sweet expressions and wow, what a big girl she is sitting up so tall!! Shelby is 16.5 lbs and 25.5"long..she's gonna be a tall girl, like her can't believe our newborns are gone :(

Matt and Jen said...

Ava is amazing!! absolutely adorable!!!! I love her expressions. When in the world can we get these girls together...I have a feeling Taylor is going to pass Ava's stats before she's 2 months haha. she is a girl, but she's still a gurney. she's in 3-6 month clothes already. a chunk, yes, but definitely very long!! I would love to see you, sweet friend!!!