This Is What Happens When I'm Bored.

More blog redecorating.  I don't know if I like this or not, but the pink and green thing was wearing on my nerves every time I pulled my blog up.  And that header was a source of constant frustration.  So, vintage beach scene it is.  For now.  I'm sure it will also change again soon in time.  Maybe very soon, like tomorrow  in the near future.  If I allow myself to waste spend any more time doing this.  Or if I get bored inspired again.  Or if I decide I'm sick of fulfilled from looking at the beach.  Whatever...

Welcome to my OCD, type-A, ever-changing, right brained, designer mind.  

I know, it really is exhausting being me.  Your envy is wasted here :)  


petrii said...

Okay so you know from visiting my blog I am an "always changing my blog design" kind of girl. Yep right-brained, OCD, kind of girl. I feel your pain =)

On another note, it looks like we'll be traveling back to Mayo for CHRISTmas. Talked to them yesterday and my appointment is set for Dec 22nd. So what's MN like in late Dec?!! Sunny and 70?!! heehee

Have a Blessed and lovely day,

taralynn819 said...

I'm OCD too, which is probably why I've been using original Blogger template since like 2004. I'm too scared to mess anything up!

Sonya said...

I spent 2 different evenings in 1 week trying to put together a fall background that I liked that had a matching header, so I know how you feel! I'm still not quite happy with mine yet either!

The Dorns said...

Im happy you added a picture to the header.I enjoy reading your blog and seeing that cute lil baby of yours grow and grow.

Aussiegirl said...

Love the Outer Banks choice and the picture! Gotta love NC. It's a great state. ;) Super cute Steph. Hope you are feeling better. Praying for you guys.