Fall Photo Shoot

It was such a beautiful day today, so Ava and I spent a little time on our balcony, in our jammies.  We even had an impromptu photo shoot!

And we tried on Ava's new fall hat!  Isn't this the sweetest little profile you've ever seen??

Ava was fascinated with everything she saw and tried to put whatever she could in her mouth...including this.

I decided it was a little too chilly for only jammies, so I grabbed the most beautifully knit sweater EVER and put it on her :) She was grateful for the warmth.  And I was grateful for the sweater!!
Thanks Melissa!

From the top of her head, down to her toes, she just might be the...
 Cutest. Baby. Ever.
But I'm her Mom, so I guess I'm a little biased :)

Her first introduction to a pumpkin.
Curious doesn't even begin to describe it!

Hey!  Are you going to give that back to me??

Because even though I liked looking at, what I really wanted to do was eat it!

And take this stupid hat off my head!

Is that some classic "hat head" or what??

Someone letting me know that she was so over this photo shoot.

Or was she??

What a little nut she is :) Just as darling with or without accessories.

But seriously, is that hat not the sweetest thing you've ever seen???

Fall, we welcome you.
We welcome your beautiful colors, your cooler temps, and the chance to wear new, fall hats.
In fact, we heart you :)
Right Ava??


Joyce said...

These are absolutely precious...the sweater is such a beautiful color and looks so it! Fall colors suit your little beauty.

Toni :O) said...

Oh golly, you got SO many cute photos! You will definitely have to blow one of those up and frame it FOR SURE! She's a doll and it makes me smile to check in on ya'll...such a sweetie!!

Erin said...

What a cute photo shoot! I love that hat on her! She is just getting so cute and so big!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... that is just the cutest!!!

I wanna hat & sweater like that!!!

Peggy & Ron said...

LOL! Cute, cute, cute!

Donna said...


Heather said...

SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!! The last picture is my favorite! Boy, she is CUTE!!!!

Sonya said...

That hat and sweater are just too cute! And of course Ava is just a doll!

Brenda, Brantley, and Bellman said...

Ava is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE all her fun expressions.