For Your Viewing Pleasure :)

I have been waiting for this video for a long time and it's finally surfaced!  A few weeks ago, our Church hosted an event for students, along with lots of other student ministries in the area.  It was called "One Big Party" and it was put together by area youth pastors in our city.  We held it at Grace, on a Wednesday night, and we had around 1,000 students!  It was tons of fun and we (all the churches combined) were able to bring Remedy Drive in for a great concert.  However, when Ava and I got there, Travis told me not to miss the opening.  Those kinds of statements always make me nervous :) Fortunately it had nothing to do with me!  After all the kids got there the youth pastors surprised everyone and performed a little choreographed dance they had worked on earlier that day. It was hilarious and of course, my husband ate the spotlight up!  That is the difference between he and I.  I would have DIED at the thought of having to do that in front of a 1,000 kids...he LOVED it!!  And Ava and I LOVED watching him :) Travis is wearing the orange shirt and his co-worker Jason is in stripes.  Enjoy!!

One Big Party Leaders from Grace Students on Vimeo.


Mother of a Firecracker said...

The video was awesome!! This video made me realize how much I miss you and Travis and all your craziness!! Love ya!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVE it!!! Being one who CONSTANTLY makes a fool out of myself in front of the youth, I love to see other "grown ups" doing it too!

I love his Ski-slope move :) hehe!!!

Peggy & Ron said...

His dancing far exceeds jumping but amazingly most of those people seemed to have a little rhythm!