Happy Halloween!

It's Ava's first Halloween and the only year she'll remain clueless about the whole candy thing!

Daddy's little love bug :)

Mommy's little cuddle bug!

We went to my cousin's house and saw some cute trick or treaters, including Gracie and her neighbor friend!

Gracie was "Not a morning person!"  Good choice of costumes as it was quite chilly tonight!

Our little catepillar checking out her treat bucket...
Soooo, people are actually going to put candy in here??

I think I'd rather lick it instead!

But not until I get this thing off my head.

Whoops!  I got caught in the act :)

On Wednesday night, we joined Daddy's junior high costume party and got to see all kinds of cute kids dressed up!  The girls couldn't wait to get in a picture with me :)

Ava with her cousin Emma, also a darling little insect :)

Grandma and Grandpa even got to see Ava in her costume a few weeks ago!

Of course they were smitten...

Who wouldn't be with this little face looking at ya??

Even Ryley loved her costume!  He licked her feet to tell her :)

She wasn't too phased obviously.  She took the opportunity to just chill...

Who knew how much we could love a little bug like this one??

Hope your day was as fun as mine!
Happy Halloween Everybody!!


Jordan said...

Aww! She's too cute! Love her costume! =)

Erin said...

How cute, love her costume! I just love looking at all the blogs and different costumes :)

Heather said...

What a precious little cuddle bug!

Peggy & Ron said...

We have lots of lonely catapillars in Utopia, crawl south Ava!

petrii said...

Oh my stars, I remember the days of cute costumes. How cute your little bug is and her mama =)

Have a Blessed evening,

Aussiegirl said...

ADORABLE!!! That is such a cute costume for her! :) Thanks for sharing the photos!