A Night With The Boys!

On Sunday night we spent a little time with 3 of the cutest boys I know!  Travis, Ava and I got to watch the 3 little guys I used to nanny for while their Mom and Dad went out on a date.  It has been a couple of months since we've seen them and we had the best time catching up!

It didn't take Ava very long to realize a house full of 3 active boys is nothing like the house she lives in!  She was wide-eyed in the midst of all the chaos!

The boys were darling and couldn't wait to get their arms around Ava.  They each asked me a hundred times if they could hold her and no one was more excited than Finn :) He was quite proud of himself!

Ben and Barrett loved holding her too, although she did not know what to make of being between them!

The one thing they told their Mom before we came over was that they wanted to do an art project with me.  Isn't that sweet?  When I used to be with them every week, we always made art projects, especially Finn and I.  They loved it and I had fun trying to dream up some creative things for us to make every week.  It's been 6 months since I've been back and their Mom said they haven't done any projects since!  So, we came prepared with several options :)

I knew they would love making these pumpkin bats and I was right.  Aren't they cute?

We also made these witches with hats, which look cute but were kind of a disaster to make :)

I loved seeing these cuties again and I know it will be just be a matter of time before Ava is doing her best to keep up with them!  Let me just tell you however, this was good birth control!  We love each one of them, but we are not ready for 4...yet :) It's a good thing they just come one at a time!!


Peggy & Ron said...

What a cute bunch of boys. Ava will probably have crushes on them in a few years.

DiJo said...

OK - When are you going to let me take her picture!?