Thanks For Playing!

Thank you so much for answering my question and leaving lots of comments!   I loved reading each of them and I'll be working from now til Christmas to answer you :) I will share why I asked you that question in the coming days, but for now, I am closing the comments on the last post and I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday!  But, I really appreciate you playing along with me and giving me some great feedback.  You've helped me tremendously!! 

Now, for the big news of the week, I am taking a little weekend break from my blog because....

Travis and I are going to Chicago for the weekend!!!  ALONE!!  Wow, can you believe it?  Can you believe I am that brave??  I really can't either :)  Ava is happily in the care of her Texie and having a grand time I'm sure and Travis and I are getting some much needed time away together.  So, I will be away for a few days (except I'm sure I'll still be twittering) and I'll be back on Tuesday with a winner, some answers, and pictures!! 

So stay tuned for a winner and have a wonderful weekend!!  I'll be hanging in Chi-town with my man :)


Bella said...

Have fun and welcome! It's supposed to be really nice here on Sunday (I'm hoping!).

Joyce said...

Have a wonderful weekend and Ava will appreciate each other all the more when you return and it's great to reconnect with your husband away from life as parents. Plus grandparents love having babies all to themselves
: )

How lucky you are to have family to care for your little's something I so appreciated about my parents and inlaws when mine were little..I've filed that away for when my own kids have kids.

petrii said...

Oh how exciting!!! Enjoy your weekend!!