Before I forget...

In all the excitement of Carter's birth and the chaos of the last 3 weeks, I didn't want to miss the chance to post about the end of Travis' wonderful soccer season!!  In fact, it was quite the weekend for Travis...On Saturday, October 9th, his team played in the finals for the Conference Championship.
 Thankfully for me, my sister Jennie was with us that weekend and she chased Ava around the whole time so that I could enjoy the game!
Although it wasn't so enjoyable until the last 5 minutes!  It was very, very close the whole time and still 0-0 with only a few minutes to go...When you are the coach's wife and it's the end of the season AND you're 9+ months pregnant...that is STRESSFUL!!  
 But, in high drama, we scored the only goal of the game on a penalty kick and WON!!!!  It was totally amazing and such a great fun way to end their conference play.  Our school has never won the championship until now, so it was a big deal for everyone and despite the fact that I was having contractions the whole time, I was up on my feet jumping up and down after that goal!  It's no wonder Carter was born the next day, right??
Travis and his team.  Loved all those guys and their parents!  
 Conference Champs!!
With his assistant coach Ryan.  Great job both of you!!
 Ava and Aunt Jennie, waiting for the celebrating to end so we could see Trav and celebrate ourselves!
Thankfully, it was unseasonably warm and a beautiful afternoon.  Ava did great through a loooong game and had a blast running around the stands and the field.  And having Aunt Jennie to play with didn't hurt either!
 Checking out that big, 1st place trophy!
 We were so proud of our coach!!  
Kissing Daddy after one great season!!  

After the conference play ended, we went on to win our first round of section play and then lost to a team who eventually won.  It was a history making season for Southwest and one that we all enjoyed so much.  Overall, they finished the season 12-3-1.  After this big win, my labor started the next morning and we welcomed Carter into our family!  It was my goal to get through the season so he wouldn't have to miss any games and amazingly we did it!  What a fun, memorable weekend for all of us, but most of all Travis.  Tonight we get to attend the end of the year party and celebrate a job well done with his team and their families.  This was a fun year and next year should be great too!  Only 3 seniors are leaving us, so he'll have tons of experience coming back!  Who knew we'd be back on the sidelines of a soccer field, but I'm so glad we are.  We love high school sports and it's fun to be back in that world again.  Next year I'll have 2 little monkeys to chase on the sidelines...I might have to start praying for patience to get through it now!!  

Congrats Travy!!  
I'm so proud of you and happy for you too.  I love watching you coach and I really love watching you win!  It was a fun win and a weekend I'll never forget!  From coaching on the sidelines to coaching at my bedside, you are the best :) 
Go Stars!!


petrii said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How great!! Love all the pics.....y'all look SO cute.

Have a Blessed evening,

Toni :O) said...

Soooo sorry for the loss of your difficult that must be. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

Congrats to your hubby on the great season, what fun!

Take care and hang in there.