P.ost V.acation R.ecovery.

I know I'm not alone today, when I say that I am in total Post Vacation Recovery mode!  We got home last night from a wonderful week away and now today, I am totally playing catch-up.  The laundry is piled high, the suitcases are sort of unpacked, and the fridge was very, very bare.  I've made strides in the food department, but that's about it :) At least I have my priorities straight!!  If you opened our front door today, you would find...

-Me in my jammies.  And Ava.  And Carter.  One would assume we never left the house today and yet, we did!  All three of us in our jammies and coats.  We braved the bank and Target for a few minutes and then quickly came home again so that we could hunker down and rest.

-Toys everywhere.  Ava has reclaimed all of her toys that she left behind last week!  She's opened every drawer, basket, and box as if to say "I'm back" to all those things that are hers to play with :) She's been a sweetie today and even slept in until 9 am then took a 3 hour nap this afternoon.  Oh how I love that little redhead!  She's in her Santa jammies and her hair looks wild!  It's how I prefer to see her these days :)

-Carter sleeping in the swing.  A week away has wiped my little guy out and this Mommy is grateful!  He did great at my parent's house, was an angel on the car ride home, and has been very good today too.  We are on day 5 of a sleep pattern that seems to be sticking at night.  He's going to bed between 10:30-11:30 and sleeping until 5:30 or 6:30.  It's heaven.  And his Christmas gifts just got better because of it!  Ha Ha...only kidding.  But he is looking especially cute to us these days :) Gotta love it when the nights are long again!

-Groceries in the cupboards.  Praise the Lord and Hallelujah, I signed up for a grocery delivery service and today was the first time they graced my front door.  I placed my order online last night when we got home and today at 2pm, they showed up with our order.  I literally walked from the couch to the front door and that's about it :) They unloaded my bags and I simply put my groceries away.  Now I told Travis I was only going to do this during the winter months when it's so cold and hard to load up two little ones, but after this first experience, I might have to define "winter" a little more loosely!

-Bills and mail scattered on my kitchen table.  I'm still digging out from the hospital bills and insurance claims and all the other mail that comes with having a baby!  I feel like I keep remembering to mail things or pay things with a day or so to spare, but now that I'm getting more sleep, hopefully my mind will recover a bit :)

-My computer open to a million "Cyber Monday Only" deals.  I'm thinking I need to step away from the internet today because I'm feeling like I'm missing out on the "deal of the season" every time I check my email.  It's crazy how many "free shipping", "20% off", and "free personalization" offers are on my table!  All of this "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" stuff is stressing me out.  This is not our year to do much about it, we have too many diapers to buy and too much sleep to catch up on, but I'm just amazed at some of the finds people are getting!  I think I just need to get offline and forget about it :) You can see how much progress I'm making!  Ha Ha!!

-Spaghetti on the stove.  I haven't cooked for awhile because we were blessed with so many meals from friends and then it was Thanksgiving, but now it's back to reality :) Travis requested spaghetti, so I was happy to oblige.  However, everything is now sitting out and I'm sitting here.  I suppose I need to get off my blog and into the kitchen and get that table set for dinner!

We had a wonderful week away and now I'm glad to be home again and back to "our life."  Although vacation is always needed, one can only eat so much snack food and watch so much TV!!  We thoroughly enjoyed being lazy, but now I have no excuse, Thanksgiving is over!!  I hope you had a blessed holiday too.  The countdown is on til we do it all over again!!


Peggy & Ron said...

I am right there with you although I did get dressed today! Lol! My trees we managed to get up are dressed by Lily and Henry and I hope tomorrow I will redo it. Or not. Mom is in S.A. so I started a major clean on her room and bathroom today. Glad you had a good holiday.

Jen S. said...

I love your blog and have followed it for quite some time! Your kids are adorable and you make the cutest family!

As for the grocery service...that sounds DIVINE!! How awesome :)
Love that idea!

PS--Many years ago I used to live in MN too--I was a nanny (in the Deephaven/Minnetonka area to be exact!) and I also waited tables at Ciatti's Italian Restaurant. Not sure if Ciatti's is even still around, but boy was it good!

We live in Vegas now, but today I felt like I was back in was so cold here! Brrrr!

Have a great day!