HaPpY HaLlOwEeN 2010!!

It's taken me all day to get these pictures posted, partially because I'm having major technology issues with my computer and partially because I've been alone with both kids all day.  The only thing I've accomplished is getting everyone fed, changing diapers both big and small, and keeping everyone safe.  But now Daddy is home and I've got a few minutes to breathe again.  We were so busy with family last week and I didn't get much time to update on here.  I've got a million pictures to post but I thought I'd start with Halloween first!  
We were at my parents house for a quick visit and we got our pumpkins there.
We got a big one for the big sister and a little one for the little brother :) 
Too bad he slept through most of the fun!
Travis wanted to roast the seeds again this year, so he was the official "scooper!"
While he was busy doing that, we tried on the costumes for everyone to see...
Including the kids :) 
Ava was not too sure about where her hands went and how she could get them back!
Carter was incredibly cooperative however.
He did what he does best, sleep.
He did wake up for a little bit though and we agreed that he made one handsome caterpillar!!
And he appropriately wore his new shirt from Texie...
...And yesterday, Ava wore her new outfit from Texie!
And clearly she loved it!
Sweetest little pumpkin I know!!
After Trav scooped out the pumpkins, I took the easy road this year and just drew on them instead of carving something cute!  Probably a little lazy, but at least we made the effort :) 

 Another sweet pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!
3 weeks old and growing like a weed :) 
His shirt might say "boo" but there is nothing scary about this little face!!
My new favorite picture!  
Our two little sweeties, on Ava's second Halloween and Carter's first.
So far our biggest struggle with Ava has been trying to teach her what "being gentle" means and does NOT mean.  She's getting better and better and she did great yesterday!
 Daddy helping her go in for the kiss on Carter's head :) 
How did we get so blessed??  
 We are learning that getting a family picture of all 4 of us is not as easy at it would seem!  
But, my standards are getting lower :) 
As long as we're all in it and looking somewhere, that's good enough for me!
A little frog we found outside...
 Travis always dresses up in a wig with my cousin to walk around the neighborhood with the kiddos.  This year he was particularly "handsome" don't you think??
 Carter slept and ate during the festivities but Ava had a blast!  She came back with a big smile on her face and a bucket full of candy :) Can't believe she was old enough to attempt trick or treating this year!
But attempt it she did!  As we strolled back to our condo last night, she was tightly clutching her bucket and ready to dive in for more.  She ate an orange sucker and her Mom and Dad may have stolen some chocolate after she went to bed!!  It was a fun night and so crazy to be out with TWO kids this year!!
Halloween is fun now that we are parents, but my favorite holidays are just around the corner now!  
I love this time of year and can't wait to experience it with our little ones.
Happy Halloween from the Armstrongs!!


Peggy & Ron said...

Those are some cute little goblins you have there. Glad Ava enjoyed Trick or Treating

Erin said...

So cute love all the pictures. You have great hand writing I love your pumpkins! Loooks like a great Halloween!

Anonymous said...

aww, your kids are super cute! and so were their costumes! i absolutely LOVE what you did with their pumpkins - they're adorable!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

OH my goodness these photos are PRECIOUS!

Love the little bug costume. They are both adorable!

Rebecca Jo said...

I actually LOVE the drawings on the pumpkins!!! So personal with those names!

How cute are those costumes!!! I cant believe how grown up Ava looks in her little Frog costume. Is it because Carter is here & is so tiny? Surely that's it & she's not really growing up that fast! :)

petrii said...

Your two little munchkin's are so cute!!! Their outfits are adorable!!

I know you are so busy and tired, but you look so cute girl. What a precious family.

Have a Blessed day,

Christina said...

Adorable photos!!! They look so cute in their costumes and I love the family shots. :)