When the Mood Strikes...

...Go for it!! 
 For example, when the snow flies and you feel like decorating your house for Christmas, go ahead and put up your tree!
 And when you see a big, empty box that looks like it would make a nice bed, go ahead and just lie down.
When you unpack the boxes and you feel like you've got twice the ornaments this year than last year, hang them all anyway :) 
 And when your 18 month indicates ANY interest in sitting in your lap for a picture, take one!
 And when she wants to lay next to you for a kiss, pucker up :) 
And if she's motivated by promises of treats afterwards, take advantage of it and smile!
When your 5 week old son cracks a smile at your goofy face, keep make goofy faces :) 
And when you realize it's his first Christmas, and this is his first look at a tree, rally the troops for more pictures!
When you think the days are long, remember that the years of cuddling like this are short.
When you realize that you've got 2 kids now, give them both all of your heart and know that one day when they're grown, these are the memories you'll cherish forever.
And for Heaven's sake, when you've got your first pair of red, velvet jammies, embrace the fashion statement and wear them with pride!

So when the day is over and the house is quiet, go to bed with your best friend and count your blessings...
Because these are the days of our lives!  
  Especially when life is short and God has been good to you.  

Welcome, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, we've been waiting for you :)  


Joyce said...

I loved this post!

Lindsey said...

Bravo! I LOVE this :) I can't wait for next week to put up decorations!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

awww! Your tree looks gorgeous (as do all of you!) Can't believe how much little man is growing!

petrii said...


What an adorable post!!! I love it!! Your tree is so pretty and y'all are absolute precious.

Have a Blessed evening,

Kendra said...


Peggy & Ron said...

And memories they will cherish. I'm sure Ava is over the moon for this Christmas stuff. Carter looks so sweet and cuddly.

Candace said...

So wonderful. We will be embracing this as our last Christmas as a family of three and looking forward to our first Christmas next year as a family of four! Such a sweet post!!!!

The Martins said...

great post! carter is SO cute! Thank you for the sweet reminder to savor every moment! Love you girl!

Jesse said...


1) When are you going to put digital snowflakes back on your blog?

2) Do I need to ask who was the one making the "goofy faces"?

3) Could I get one of those red, velvet bodysuits?