Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have been enjoying a much needed vacation in Iowa this week and are soaking up some family time with my parents, sister and brother in law.  I've taken a million pictures (surprise, surprise) and have a few to share with you!  We had a wonderful day yesterday and of course, I ate more than I should have, but ask me if I regret it??  NO!!  It was delicious :) 
Here is a recap of our day!
I LOVE the Macy's parade and especially loved watching it on my parents' huge flat screen :) 
We sat with the kiddos and watched for awhile...Ava loved all of the big floats, but more so the music.
She got her groove on with every dance number and band that marched by!  
Travis and I have watched the parade every year since we've been married, but there is nothing like watching it in your jammies, with your babies in your lap.  So fun!
Although the parade occupied her for awhile, when she wasn't sitting still, she was most likely doing this.
Ava loves to sit and rock in this little rocking chair, which is close to 100 years old and was in my Grandma's family when she was a little girl.  
She drags it all over the house and likes to look at books or rock with her baby in it.  
I did the same thing as a little girl in that chair and now it's sweet to think that my daughter likes it too!
She also likes to follow/chase my Mom's new puppy!
This is Oliver or "Oddie" (or Ollie) as Ava calls him.
He is the new addition to the family and of course, the object of Ava's interest.
Thankfully Ollie doesn't have Carter to worry about yet!
He's got some time before there are 2 kiddos after him :) 
Speaking of Little Mr. Carter, here he is in his Thanksgiving best :) 
I think he looked about 10 yrs. old in that shirt!
He gets his good looks from his Daddy :) 
Jennie and I couldn't get enough of him in that little outfit!
Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dave matched Carter too :) 
Gotta love that hair!
It's not hard to come up with what we are most thankful for this year!  
These two little blessings top the list :) 
And I think Grammy and Grampy might say the same thing :) 
On this particular day, she was not the only turkey in the house!
My Aunt Sharae with her great-nephew...Appropriately aiding in our quest to make him a Hawkeye fan!
The only time my plate was empty was before the feast.  
I did nothing but eat the rest of the day and night!   
Ava spotted Dave in this chair and she left to get her blankie and some books for him to read to her.
And like a good uncle, he read every one :) 
Even more than usual, books have consumed Ava on this visit!
We keep finding her in all kinds of spots with a book of some sort in her hand.  
She is her Daddy's daughter!
Love him.
Love them.
The turkey must have kicked in for Carter too!  
He sure was sleepy yesterday :) 
Who said bouncy seats are only for babies??
Apparently they make great reading spots for older sisters too!
My Grandpa brought over a book that he used to read to me, 30 years ago.  It's a cloth Strawberry Shortcake book and as soon as I saw it, it brought back so many memories.  I loved it when I was little and hopefully Ava will too! 
Rockin those babies to sleep after a long and eventful day...
Like Grandpa, Like Granddaughter :) 

I love Thanksgiving and the chance we get to slow down and remember all that the Lord has blessed us with.  Family, friends and all the needs that he provides for are overwhelming, but there is nothing I'm more grateful for than the gift of Jesus and the salvation he provides.  

I hope your Thanksgiving has been a sweet one...We all have so much to be thankful for and someone who deserves the praise of a grateful heart.  This is truly my favorite time of year!!  

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petrii said...

Oh my, all your pics are just beautiful!!!!! I LOVE Carter's sweet. And Little Miss Ava is such a reader. Oh my, that is so good for her.

You and Travis look so happy. Again, love ALL your pics!!

Have a Blessed weekend friend.

Happy Thanksgiving,