Happy Endings!

I thought I'd leave a quick post because it is late on Monday night, but I have the happiest husband on the block I think! We just watched an amazing comeback by his beloved Cowboys and Travis is running around like a little kid, with a grin plastered on his face! I love the pure adreneline rush from a good's so fun when your team wins and especially when it's wrapped up in the drama of an old-fashioned comeback...makes me think that God's heart must expand everytime one of his kids has a comeback too! Hope your week is a good one, maybe even a comeback if you need one...and don't we all???


sheltonfamily said...

OMG! We had true "Cowboy" fans over last night to watch the game. It was crazy.. Although, you kind of disproved our thoughts that Dallas was not "America's Team" by you all being in Minneapolis cheering for them. If you all are still coming for Thanksgiving we are thinking of going to the Thursday night game on 11/29 against Green Bay or we may go to one on 12/16 cause we don't have youth that Sunday night. Anyways, glad you all were cheering on the cowboys. I'm thinking we will be from here on out!

Stephanie said...

As you'll soon learn, "You can take a boy out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the boy!" My husband was raised to be a Cowboy fan and He will die a Cowboy fan!! Regardless of where we live, we will always be watching and cheering on the Cowboys.

Jesse and Stacie said...

Is that Dad's foot??

Stephanie said...

Yes, good eyes...this picture is actually from Thanksgiving last year!

The Martins said...

In my America, we get to choose our team. Go Skins!