We're Texas Bound...

This morning Travis' Grandpa went home to be with Jesus! After a long bout with Parkinson's, he is finally free and completely healed. We are heading down to the Hill Country for the funeral and we will be back in a few days. Please keep Travis'family in your prayers as we get together to say good-bye. We are especially sad for Trav's Granny, who is now facing life without her sweet husband by her side. Of course this seperation is only temporary, but still hard on her. We are so looking forward to spending time with our Texas relatives and remembering Trav's Grandpa. I was thinking that Heaven must have had a "good-old-country" party this morning...maybe the Angels were doing the Texas Two-Step or the Waltz across Texas, now that Jack has arrived?? We are sure that there was some mighty fine rejoicing going on and we are comforted in knowing that our little lamb got to meet his/her Great-Grandpa today! Please keep us in your prayers as we drive down south this week...we'll be having some bar-b-que and some authentic Tex-Mex for ya!



Sorry for your Loss.

Jim and Ellen Trunnell

Katie said...

we are sorry to hear about Travis' grandpa, but you are right, it is only a temporary absence. How exciting to see him someday!
Bill and Katie

amy said...

We're praying for you guys! What a blessing to have the assurance of knowing you'll see him again! Have a safe trip!!!

Matt and Jen said...

it's jen! thanks for sending me your new number. i feel so disconnected with out the internet at home. we've been praying for you guys with your trip to TX and hope you tasted even more of God's goodness during this season. i love you and wish so much to see you! i think we should plan a girls wknd!!!
I want you to know how much of an encouragement your thoughts have been over the last month or so. sometimes i've just heard them from matt when he's been on your blog, but they've spoke so loudly to me and my heart. thanks for showing me/us your heart and how Jesus is in the process of strengthening it!