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So, I've taken a little leave of absence lately, not just from this blog but it seems from life. Do you ever just have a day or a week that just gets away from you? One of those times where you just look back and think, "what just happened?" I think I've been thinking that for the last month. This morning during our worship at Church, I just had one of those reflection times where I was squarely confronted with so many "things" that have happened in my world and the realization that I've handled some of it well and some of it I've wasted. Do you know the feeling? I feel like I've had extreme joy and pain, real ups and downs, hard days and good days, sweet times and devestating times, and the very real sense that I've just been totally overwhelmed by it all. I found myself so humbled in the presence of the Lord and once again amazed at His unbelievable patience and mercy over me...His unwavering love when all I seem to do is waver. How is it possible? I wanted to laugh at how silly my emotions are with Him and then cry about how I feel like I've failed Him...again. Isn't that just how our human hearts deal with grace? We can't believe the simplicity of it and the magnitude of His love and yet we can't grasp the gift of it without our guilt creeping in. And God doesn't want that. He doesn't want us to wallow in guilt and shame, He wants us to leave the sin behind and celebrate His grace that allows us to do that! So I'm trying that tonight. I have so many things I'm still processing, but I'm focusing on the one thing that ultimately matters...Him! His grace. His sacrafice. His love. His goodness. His patience. His kindness. And I'm not letting Satan consume me with my shortcomings and my drama. And I pray that for you tonight too. I've got lots of pictures to post and things to update you on, but not tonight. Tonight I just want to love my Savior more than I did last night, and I think that's a worthy use of my time.


Sarah said...

This is good. :)

sheltonfamily said...

I hope you are having a good Monday. Thank you for being so honest on your blog. You challenge me and make me think more about each day. We love you all!