Off for the weekend!

Well, I am leaving my boys behind this weekend and heading north to Arrowwood Resort for our church's Women's Retreat. My mom is coming up this morning from Iowa to go with me and we're rooming with my cousins, Jenny and Rhonda...I'm so excited! In classic Stephanie fashion, I haven't packed anything yet and I have errands to run this morning, but I'm sure I'll throw something together! If you think of it, pray for me...I am leading a breakout session tomorrow morning on Hospitality and I'm doing some floral arranging demos for the women, but I'm just coming off of a sinus infection, and my voice has not quite returned. I'm on day 3 of my antibiotic today, so I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be bouncing back! Hope you have a great weekend, I'm looking forward to mine!!


sheltonfamily said...

Sorry to bother you during your women's retreat. However, it looks like we called the right person cause you are a demo. leader... wow... praying for you!

amy said...

Hope you had a GREAT time away... your women's retreat sounds like such an amazing time! I wish I had the opportunity to participate in something to that effect! :) Can't wait to hear how it went!