Oh Canada!

The fishermen returned safely last week and I thought you might enjoy the 5 pictures they brought back for me! Yes, they had a wonderful was a little chilly for a few days, (it is Canada) but that didn't stop them from catching 104 fish! For years my Dad has fished in Northern Minnesota, but not always with great results. A few years ago, he discovered this camp in Canada, where the fishing is amazing and they have gone back ever since. Apparently those Canadian fish are more gullible than Minnesota fish...much like the Canadian public in response to the government and their health care system! Whoops, sorry to my Canadian friends...can't help but point that out. Anyway, it was lots of fun for both of them and yes, they got along great all week!! Everybody wants to know that for some reason...however, I do believe they would like to recruit more fishermen for next year, so keep it in mind!

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