Amber and Ella...

I went home last weekend for several reasons, one being a baby shower for my best friend Amber and her new daughter Ella. I know I've mentioned this before, but Amber and I have been the best of friends since we were newborns, literally, and we've walked through life together ever since. Her family is really an extension of my family and vice versa. So, it's been so fun to celebrate this new season in their lives and to welcome little Ella! We had a great time at her shower and later my Mom and I spent some time with Amber and Ella, her parents Joan and Kirk, and her sister Jessica, who is also pregnant with her first! As I was driving into town last Friday, I was just thinking about how different are lives are now and how we both share so many memories from growing up. We both had so many dreams about who we would marry, when we'd have kids, what we'd be's amazing now to see all of those dreams come true and to know that they're even better than what we dreamed of. Little Ella is hopefully a precious start to our brood of children between us! Anyway, it was great to see them again and to get some sugar from Ella...all weekend, She killed me with those chipmunk cheeks!!! What a sweetie!

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