December Reflections

This December had us running all over, doing all kinds of things! Between work, home, friends, ministry, and family, we were busy!! Here are a few pictures of some of the things that kept us on the go!

These are the little girls that we spent all of last week with, Nancy (5) and Kelsey (8). We had a great time with them, but they kept us on our toes!! We had lots of "glimpses of parenthood" over 8 days and let me tell you, we went home exhausted after it was over!!

The girls and I found this cookie decorating kit one day after school, so we bought it and did it when we got home. It was fun because the cookies were made and iced with designs printed on them, so all we had to do was color them in with edible markers...I do love a craft!!

Kelsey and Nancy and I made a gingerbread house one night while Travis was, but messy. The girls loved it however and when it was done, it was quite cute.

Finn and Barrett and I had lots of fun during this Christmas season...we did lots of Christmas stuff everytime I came over, but they both loved to play in their living room where the tree, the stockings, and all the PRESENTS were! It's nearly impossible to get a picture of them both smiling and looking at the camera, but this was our attempt one day!

This is a picture of Finn and I with his family's new Christmas puppy, "Sid"...isn't he the cutest little thing??? I came home from work that day, convinced that we need another dog! Travis quickly squelched that thought, but he hasn't seen Sid yet...he'll think twice about it I promise you!!

Travis shocked me this year when he announced that he wanted to make Christmas 4 years of marriage I've never heard him say that! So, on a Monday afternoon, when we both had the day off, we watched Elf and made sugar cookies...Ryley kept a VERY CLOSE EYE on those cookies from start to finish!!

Here are some of the finished product...note to self: next time invite other people over to help...decorating 48 cookies takes FOREVER!!

We had a "red and green wacky, tacky Christmas Party" for our junior highers and they did not disappoint!! If there is anything middle school students love, it's dressing up! Anytime we plan anything that involves costumes, they're all over it!! Even our leaders! We had a great time.

My friend Ellie and I, spreading some "tacky" Christmas cheer!!

Merry Christmas from the Armstrongs(in all our "tacky" glory)!! Does anyone want to borrow my beautiful earrings??

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