"Oh, There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays..."

We knew when we moved to Minnesota that one thing we would have to put up with was snow and the occasional snow storm. We also knew that we were going to love being so close to my parents as a drive to Iowa was no big deal, a mere 3 hours away. So imagine our dilemna last Sunday, when we planned to drive to Iowa and all of the sudden we were hit with a pretty good snowstorm. We didn't think it would be a big deal and the radar kept showing improved conditions in Iowa, so we jumped in the car after church, with my sister and brother-in-law, and we headed south, anxious to get "home for Christmas." By the absolute grace of God, we made it but not without some major stress and patience. Our normal 3 hour drive turned into 6 hours due to the horrible driving conditions. It was snowing pretty heavily and the wind was blowing very hard which makes for very icy roads. We managed to avoid an accident but we passed more than 30! About 15 of those resulted in cars flipped over in the median or at the bottom of was very scary. We were going about 30mph most of the time, so we avoided much of the trouble, but there were several times when the visibility was so low, 10 feet or less, and we could see nothing but white. Praise the Lord for keeping us safe and getting us home. By the time we got there, we were so stressed and tired and giddy from being couped up in a car for 6 hours with too much luggage and too many presents! We laughed our heads off most of the way and I laughed so hard I developed a killer case of the hiccups! Oh, the memories! Anyway, we made it!!

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sheltonfamily said...

Oh my... this is way to funny and so like the Armstrong's. I'm surprised another car did not hit and you didn't make any insurance money! I hope your New Year's party is awesome!