Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

What a beautiful week we've had in Minnesota...we are surrounded by tons of snow and I must say, we are loving it! It seems very fitting with Christmas just around the corner to wake up to a winter wonderland everyday. Ryley is in Heaven...we have huge "mountains" of snow all around us from the plows clearing our parking lot, so he goes crazy when we take him outside, jumping and bounding around in it! In March I promise I'll be singing a different song, but for now I LOVE snow and I LOVE Minnesota!!

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Sarah said...

Well, some people like "big bottomed" trees. hehe. I love the tree skirt. Ours is a ratty sheet that Jed had in college. Hoping to catch something on sale after Christmas.

And, I can't stop laughing at the videos from Wednesday. What exactly was in Travis's mouth anyway?