Brace Yourself...The Nursery Tour Is Here.

I don't know about you, but I have been waiting for this day for a LONG time!!  I have been so excited to share Ava's nursery with you, but the one thing I've been holding out on is her crib.  I told myself I would not share all the details until the crib was ready to go.  Well, lucky for all of us, that day came yesterday!!  All the way from Utopia, Texas our sweet baby's crib was delivered.  In case you don't remember, because I know you all keep such careful notes about all the details of my life :), Ava's crib was handmade by Travis' Uncle Ron.  Don't peek yet, wait until we get there, but let me just tell you...It is GORGEOUS.  
So, without further ado, here we go!!  
Here is the truck arriving at our condo yesterday.  I think I ran from window to window, trying to get the best shot! 
Travis and the nice delivery guy loaded that crate, which was 150 lbs. onto a dolly.  Our neighbor had to see what was going on too :) He was worried we were moving. 

Here it is, waiting to be unloaded in the nursery.  The anticipation was killing us at this point!!
Ryley was also quite interested, so he sat and watched Travis work.  I rocked in the glider and took pictures :) 
Our good friend Kristian came over to help.  He also helped Travis hang the mirror above the changing table.  Thanks Kristian!
As the guys unpacked the crate and unwrapped the pieces, we found this on the back of the headboard piece.  Isn't that sweet?
Spoiler alert!!  Here are some of the pieces being assembled.
Are you getting excited??  It's  starting to look like a crib!!
I'm warning you, there are lots of pictures to go still, but I would now like to officially welcome you to Miss Ava's room...
The view from her doorway :) 
In case she forgets who she is, her name is branded clearly on the wall above her crib!
Drink it in slowly...
Who loves the crib as much as we do???  I'll show you some more details in a minute, but first...
Here is her little bookcase, updated this afternoon.  I needed to brighten it up and give it some character, so for $6, I went to Archiver's and bought some pretty blue scrapbook paper to line the back of the shelves.  It looks a little bright in this picture, but in person, it's the same color as the bumper in the crib.  I love it now.  What an easy, quick, cheap, and non-permanent upgrade!
Here is a sweet picture in that bookcase, of my Grandma Ferguson, Ava's namesake.  My Grandma's maiden name was Evelyn Page.  Ava Page is named after her and after my Dad, Steven Page.  My Grandma was a big part of my whole life.  She died when I moved to Florida and never got to meet Travis, although she did see some pictures of him and heard all about him.  I know she would love my husband and I especially know she would love to know we're naming our daughter partly in her honor.  She would get teary for sure and say "Oh Stephie, that's so nice honey."  I'll be happy to tell Ava about her someday.
Those houses came from her kitchen and were an award she won for selling AVON for many, many years.  She was quite the saleswoman, selling way into her 80's and still winning awards because of it!  I loved those houses and played with them as a girl.  I'm glad to have them in here too. 
This shelf has a scrapbook I've yet to make for Ava (but will be soon) as well as her little Bible storybook and a teddy bear that was mine as a little girl!  
Here is her dresser, an antique we got in North Carolina.
And some of the accessories I found at my favorite store, Homegoods.  Those frames will soon be filled with pictures of sweet Ava!!
Okay, back to the crib.  I love it and I love that crib bedding.  I've been waiting to set this up since I ordered it in January, but I'm happy to say it's even better than I was expecting! 
Don't you just want to climb in there and snuggle with that blanket and little lamb?
It's so dreamy I can hardly stand it :) 
Here is a shot to show off some of those beautiful details.  Isn't it amazing?  If you're looking for a handcrafted crib, I have the right guy for you!!  Many cribs later, every crib he's made is just gorgeous.  
I love the way those velvet panels frame her window. 
Our little rocking corner :) Still waiting on some artwork for the wall behind the glider.  
I added some ribbon to the lamp and I like it even more now.
One of my favorite Psalms and some verses that Travis and I chose for her.  Psalm 121 was a passage that the Israelites used to teach their children from infancy.  The Rabbis would have the Psalm written on a scroll and tucked into the cradle with the baby, so that their parents would read it and teach it to them.  It's a beautiful passage and something we will also teach to Ava.  
Her changing table, with the mirror that I will always be looking at myself in, whenever I change her diaper :) 
Isn't this the greatest changing table?  I can say that because it was gift.
Now for some details...
All of her tiny diapers lined up and her sterilized paci's, all ready to go!
The world's sweetest changing pad and cover.
Have you ever seen a cuter garbage can?
Her darling night light.  
Her new little coat rack.  I got this at a shower last weekend, isn't that a fun gift?  I'm sure it will hold her bath towels someday!
And finally, one more view as you exit her room.  After all these months of waiting, planning, and dreaming, I am quite sure that everything about this nursery is perfect.  We love it and can't wait to bring home the little angel who is going to live here.  

So there you have it, hope it was worth the wait. Thank you to the many people who have blessed us with gifts, furniture, and special things for Ava.  This room is full of blessings and yet another picture of how faithful the Lord has been to provide for us.  
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Thank you taking our tour!


Jason Barthelemy said...

I love it Steph, it looks beautiful! I hope Ava will appreciate all the hard work and love you put into that someday!

The Dorns said...

omgoodness its so scrumptious! The crib turned out beautifuland looks very well crafted. Are you going to hang a chandelier in there. I saw one at my local baby store last weekend for only $25 bucks Its something I would have hung in the most perfect little girls room. Oh well Im having the perfect little boy who has the most perfect lile firetruck room. But if I ever have a girl she will have a shabby chic style room like your furniture. You did a fantistic job its very clean looking and precious.

MomMom said...

What a gorgeous nursery! I love what you've done and especially love the fact that you've incorporated scripture in sweet Ava's nursery. May God bless your family.

amy said...

Steph, it's beautiful! what a special time to treasure!!! i really liked the idea with scrapbook paper on the bookshelf... too cute! the crib is adorable... what a special heirloom for sweet Ava! praying for you guys!

Heather said...

OOOHHHH!!! I love it so, so much! That crib is GORGEOUS!!!(the bedding, too!) The room just came together PERFECTLY! You know what's funny (esp. since I am always saying how alike we are!) is that I just ordered some letters of Avery Kate's name for her wall..and they are really similar to Ava's!!! I can't wait for my girl's nursery to be all finished so I can post a tour!! I loved yours and I will be back to see it again because it just makes me HAPPY! I am praying that God continues to bless you as much as He has already!

The France Family said...

It looks GREAT!! What a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful room!! :)

Donna said...

Just adorable!!!!

Crystal said...

I stumbled across your blog several months ago and am a follower. The nursery looks amazing!!! I just got married in October and my colors were khaki and pink--love that combination! I am going to bookmark this post because although we are several years from starting a family, I can't imagine a more perfect nursery for a precious little girl! The personal touches show just how much you've put into it and been blessed by others. Praying for you and your family during these last few weeks of anticipation!

Rathi said...

I read thru Kelly's Korner, just wanted to stop by and saw how gorgeous Ava's nursery is. The crib is so pretty, T's uncle did a great job!! Happy weekend!

Faith said...

Oh my! It's absolutely beautiful!!! So sweet, soft and feminine. The crib and bedding are gorgeous. I know you are so happy =)

Randi House said...

Hi! I came across your blog through Kelly's Korner and have loved watching you go through your pregnancy. I am also having a little girl soon-just a few months behind you. I love the nursery and practically drooled over your crib! We seem to have very similar taste in nursery design in fact!Her room is beautiful and I can't wait to see little Ava! :)

Carol said...

Ava's nursery is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen a crib like that,it's so special!


Joyce said...

What a beautiful room...I love the bedding, so soft and restful. And, that nightlite is absolutely too cute.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful nursery!! Can't wait to hear of Ava's arrival.

Jordan said...

It's beautiful! I'm sure that she'll absolutely LOVE it! =]

Tales of a Peanut said...

What a beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, room! It's obvious that each little piece of the room has been chosen with love and I'm sure that that will mean the world to Ava one day. You did a GREAT job of putting everything together. It's perfect! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

Words just don't express how BEAUTIFUL this nursery is and it just gives me goosebumps to see how God has blessed you thus far and His blessings continue each and every day... I am happy for you both and the neat thing is to be happy for others that you don't even personally know. But we are all a part of The Kingdom of God and brothers and sisters in Christ... thanks for sharing...
Kellie Poehner-clarkston, michigan

Rebecca Jo said...

It is STUNNING!!! Fit for a Princess!!!! I LOVE the framed scripture too! So dear! It was worth the wait...

Ready for your love to come home now! :-)

petrii said...

Oh my stars, that is quite possibly the cutest little girl's nursery I have EVER seen!!!!!

I LOVE that bed, he did such a good job...I can tell you care just thrilled.

This room is just so pretty.

Have a Blessed day,

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

Steph, the nursery is beautiful! :) Every detail is just perfect. Can't wait to see you and Travis and Ava in that room! Blessings.

Amber said...

It just screams "Stephanie" ... and its beautiful. I love the crib. Wow, he has such a neat talent! And I love the big windows with all the natural light coming in!
Can't wait to meet her soon!!

h said...

Your nursery is so gorgeous. Would you mind if I include it in the gallery on my website?
I would love for my readers to see it. You should be really proud of it!
Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Miz Jean said...

So adorable, Steph! Love it! And so will Ava! I can only imagine how touched she will be someday looking back at all these sweet preparations. Enjoy the quietness of the nursery for a little longer. Soon it will be a busy little place!

Helen said...

Sorry That was supposed to have been Helen - my computer has a gremlin!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Love Love Love the nursery, Stephanie! It's so adorable and perfect for little Ava.

Hugs and prayers,

Rebecca said...

it's beautiful steph! i am so excited for you guys! i can not wait to hear of ava's arrival because i know how much your life will change in that instant and i'm truly so so happy for you! God is so good!

LyndsAU said...

ok, i have to know where you got this furniture :) i love it!!! it's gorgeous!! she will love her sweet little room :)

R.C. said...

The thought and the effort you put into this room is really beautiful. Congrats on your baby girl and I hope to one day have something as special as you ;)

MiMi said...

What a beautiful room! The crib is absolutely gorgeous and everything about the room is perfect! The only thing missing is that precious little Ava. It won't be long now!