Isn't It Ironic??

"....Don't ya think??  It's like rain on your wedding day, a free ride when you've already paid...good advice, that ya just didn't take...and who would have thought, it figures..."  Sorry for the shameless reference to that Alanis song, an anthem straight out of my generation. Kind of takes me right back to high school every time I hear it.  I just couldn't resist.  

 Anyway, I have encountered a few things today that have been "ironic" in some way or another.  Since it's a Friday night and I'm home with my feet up, this is probably a post not worth your time, or mine, but what's a girl going to do when relegated to the couch...again?? 

And so we begin.  Meet the highlight/downfall of my week.  Yes, the girl scout cookies have arrived.  When the student we ordered them from found me on Wednesday night, I must admit, I think my heart skipped a beat.  I can openly say that I have a love affair with a certain cookie, the thin mint.  However, it would be disgraceful if I told you just how many of these precious things I have consumed, IN A SINGLE SETTING.  Not good.  And yet, soooooo good!  See, it's just ironic.  If Ava is born with her Mother's love for chocolate with a hint of mint, I blame the last 48 hours on that. 
Moving right along, here it is.  Our first official case of wipes.  Yep, we made a Costco run today.  Now why is this ironic?  Well it's ironic because I was a little bit giddy in the diaper/wipes aisle.  Who knew how fun it could be or how fulfilling it was to pull a case of these babies off the shelf and into our cart, for OUR KID???  It's ironic because this will probably be the last time I feel any sense of joy about buying them.  From this point on, for years and years to come, I will most likely dread the cash  I will be forking over for necessities like diapers and wipes.  Today, it seemed like a thrill.  In 2 months, it will be a costly hassle.  I just felt the need to point that out. 

Finally, I'd like to draw your attention to the last toe on my right foot.  Yes, my pinky toe.  Try not be distracted by the fact that I am overdue for a pedicure, but instead make note of the swelling and bruising pictured here.  If it wasn't enough to wipe out in a blizzard and fall flat on my back, now it is apparently a danger to my health just to walk from one room to another.  I believe I have broken my pinky toe after a dangerous run-in with our closet door this morning.  Immediately I knew this was worse than just a "stubbing incident" but when I examined it further and saw the purple-ish tint appearing on my toe, I knew this pregnancy needed to come to an end and soon.  For the sake of my pride and my body parts.  What's ironic about this little broken pinky is that the pain and discomfort I feel from a 5 lb, 16 inch, kicking child laying on my internal organs and causing shortness of breath, is a hundred times LESS than the pain and discomfort of my smallest appendage.  Who knew how painful a little toe could be??  Now, in addition to my permanent waddle, I also have a little bit of a limp, from the shooting pain I feel from the bottom of my toe to the top of my head.  Perfect.  I won't even mention the agony from shoving its' mangled little self into my shoe.  No I'll just leave you with that image and let you picture it.  Yep, it's ironic.  

Don't ya think??


Jordan said...

I think my mom has broken her pinky toe probably 3 or 4 times, the same one! Unfortunately there's not much you can do but it hurts really bad. =[

Always a Southern Girl said...

I love Girl Scout cookies too! Peanut Butter patties or Tag a longs are my favorite. And a broken toe hurts worse than anything.--Take Care, Renee

Rebecca Jo said...

OHHHHH... that hurts so bad to stump a toe!!!!! Oh - for it to leave a mark like that too - you must have had a real duel with that closet!

704 wipes??? You'll have to mark down how long that lasts...that would be interesting!

Hope you enjoyed those cookies... its just once a year & your pregnant - its a good combo!

Rebecca said...

oh i love alanis! hehe!

kenna and tate are sure to be chocolate addicts! the 9 months inside and then 12 months of nursing, they consumed tons of chocolate! i am sure ava will love it too!

you're right about the diapers! i love my cloth ones for that reason! plus they are so so cute!

you are gonna have so much fun with ava! her room is adorable! she will love it i'm sure! can't believe only a month left! it'll fly by!

Anonymous said...

Those wipes are the best and you might as well grap another case, you will FLY through those little friends and they are great for the diaper bag too. Also, as Ava get's older they are great for washing your child with while out and about, in the car, shopping, you name, they rock! The Costco brand of diapers are awesome too, just and FYI.

sheltonfamily said...

Oh wow... your toe looks painful. Looks like you had an enjoyable friday and I am a little jealous of your cookies. We haven't seen anyone selling them and I am in need of some samoas like a whole box!

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

very entertaining steph! :)

Anonymous said...

Steph, I just discovered "Bio Freeze." If your little toe hurts at night, you can spray some on and it will help the pain while you go to sleep. After some one rec'd it to me, I found it at the Physical Therapy Office - and it was the only topical they offered! Get the spray! Love GT

MiMi said...

OUCH! I broke several toes at one time once, (I tripped over a step) and that is sooo painful. Unfortunately, the doctors don't typically do anything about it, either.

I can't believe that there are only 29 days until Ava is due. It seems like time has flown by and I know that you can hardly wait to see her. Won't be long now!

Have a great weekend and BE CAREFUL! (-:

Nicole Fuchs said...

Hi, I think I left a comment a few months back. I'm also due April 12th, with my second (first one's name is Iva). I check your blog from time to time and just thought I'd leave two little bits of advice you can completely ignore if you wish :-)
1) I had an emergency cesarian with my first, and one of the things that delayed the operation was that I had just had a very good manicure and pedicure... we had to wait while the midwives and nurses scrubbed at the nails because one has to be free of nail polish so they can check your skin colour under the nails at all times!

2)About the wipes... yes, they're fantastic, but you probably want to stick to cotton wool and water during the first month, just until you understand your baby's skin.

Anonymous said...

Thin Mints are just this side of heaven. I can eat all I want because Ron doesn't like mint in choc!! Unfortunately, I didn't run into any girl scouts this year. I probably won't go to church, I'm on call at the hospital and I really want to sew but the fabrics I ordered for Ava's quilt are backordered! Your toe looks positively livid at you for "stubbing" it. Be careful, go slow, no sudden movements! Love you, Peggy

Anonymous said...

Comment on well meaning Nicole, nonsense! Get a pedicure, that is somewhat archaic. They need one finger clear of polish and won't worry about THAT in an emergency more than likely. Every facility is different. Aren't you glad. Yes, I think you are set for wipes for a good while. Remember Travis front to back with those wipes. You KNOW the dirty ones are all yours!

Dave and Jen said...

Steph--your toe!!!! OUCH. My little toe kills just looking at that. Nothing is worse than jamming your toe into something, and believe me-- (ask mom and dad) i have literally done that about 8,000 times.