My First Baby Shower

****Updated**** Because I love my Mother, I was forced to remove the only picture of my sister and I with her :) Apparently she was horrified at her hair in the picture I posted previously.  Mom, now you can sleep knowing that it's been taken down.  And by the way, it wasn't that bad!!

Last weekend, I got to experience my first baby shower for Ava and I.  I have to tell you, after attending and hosting so many showers over the years, it was very sweet to be attending my own :)  It did feel a little odd to pull up to my cousin Rhonda's house and think, Wow, all these people are here for me!"  I had a great time, it was very fun to receive some fun and much needed baby stuff.  What made the weekend even better, was having my Mom and sister Jennie drive up from Iowa to attend with me.  Travis was gone on his winter retreat, so we had a girls weekend.  We did some shopping, some eating, some relaxing and lots of chatting :) It was right up our alley!  We did miss my other sister Stacie however, but she is coming to see us for 10 days in April and we cannot wait!!  North Carolina was a little too far to come for a shower!
Here is my official 34 week shot.  My Mom and sister helped me find a few more maternity outfits to get me through these last few weeks.  It is kind of defeating when nothing, and I mean nothing, fits you!  I desperately needed some church clothes and we were able to find some cute (if you can call huge and tent-like, cute) things.  
Remember my cupcake obsession as of late?  My cousin Rhonda remembered that and a sweet friend Stacey, made these adorable monogrammed cupcakes!  Aren't they darling??  
This is my sister Jennie, holding my friend Greta's daughter, Julia.  She was getting some good "aunt" practice :) 
My Mom and I.  This was her official debut as Ava's Grandma :) Kind of surreal for all of us!
One of my favorite things was hearing my Mom give me some advice about being a Mom.  She came up with a list of sweet things to remember and added her signature humor to share it :) I loved it and sat there thinking how special it was to know that Ava is being born into a Godly heritage.  Her Grandma will be a wonderful example with lots of love to give!  
How much fun did I have opening all those fun gifts and reading so many precious cards?  Once again, Ava came home with a haul!  
My cousins threw this shower for me, along with my friend Greta.  This is my cousin Amy and I.
My cousin Robyn and I.
My cousin Rhonda and I.

My cousin Jenny and I.
My friend Greta and I, with a very full and content little Julia :)  Greta is a precious friend.  Her husband Jason works with Travis.  He is the high school pastor.  When they came to our church a year and a half ago, Greta and I became fast friends.  We were both praying and trusting the Lord for babies and now here we are, about to both have a daughter.  It's been sweet to share this road with her and to have a listening ear as I discover all the ups and downs of pregnancy!  I'm sure she will be on speed dial after Ava is born :) The Lord has been so faithful to both of us and we are very, very blessed to be friends.  

I loved having this day to share in our joy over Ava with so many people who have prayed for us and loved us so well through this journey.  I told them that Travis and I feel so grateful for the many groups of people in our life who went to the Lord on our behalf and prayed that we would get pregnant.  Ava is a gift to us, but we really feel like she belongs to the Lord and to so many people who asked for her.  We are thrilled that we get to take her home, but I can't wait for the days when I can teach her about the faithfulness of the Lord and about the blessings of being in God's family.  She will always be a reminder to us about the power of prayer.  


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm sure Ava is going to grow knowing the Lord & how faithful He is... what's going to be exciting is to see what she ends up doing to serve the Lord!!!!

I love your cupcakes! And how cute is your shirt with that ribbon? You look great!

Faith said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had such a special shower thrown by such special friends!