From One Set of Arms to Another

We have had such a fun week!  We went to Iowa last Thursday and my Mom, Ava and I came back home last night.  Travis is gone on a weekend camping trip and we girls (plus Ryley) are having lots of fun holding the fort down.  When we went to Iowa last week, I was exhausted, having come off of a very busy week, with Travis working a lot and being gone.  I needed a break in the worst way and I needed some time to get away from reality :) I'm happy to say that one week later, I feel refreshed and as rested as I can be during this stage!  Having so many arms to scoop her up has given me lots of mornings to sleep a little later, time to read, time to relax and time to run out for a little bit without her.  Thank you Lord!!  

As much as I LOVE her, she is all-consuming and very demanding...What baby isn't??  She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me tired, she makes me grateful, and she makes me happy :) I am just now starting to feel more and more like myself and starting to feel like we are settling into some kind of routine.  She's getting a little more predictable to me and I'm figuring out how to "do life" with a husband and a daughter and a dog :) 
Yep, life is good and we are blessed.  
Here's Ava and her Grammy on a sunny afternoon.  I love that little look on her face.  That is so "her."
Ava got to meet several new people while we were in Iowa.  One of those people is my sister Jennie's friend, Cady.  We love Cady in our family and so does Ava!  Apparently she is quite relaxed in her arms :) 
Ava also fell in love with her Uncle Dave.  She liked cuddling with him most of all, don't you love her little cheeks pressed up against his face??
Of course she LOVES her Grampy too :) They spent lots of time walking and pacing the house together.  Grampy is a good "go-to" guy when someone is a little fussy!
What a special treat for me to spend some good time with one of my childhood friends, Alyce.  We grew up together and went to school together, all 13 years.  I don't think we've seen each other since Graduation Day, but we've reconnected on facebook in the last year or so and we both happened to be in Waterloo at the same time!  Alyce is one of the sweetest classmates and a dear friend.  She is HILARIOUS and I mean that in the strongest sense of the word.  She makes me laugh out loud when I read her comments on my blog and on facebook!!  We had the best time catching up and I loved getting to introduce her to Ava, live and in the flesh :) Thanks Alyce for calling and coming over, you were the highlight of my day!!  
Guess who is 6 weeks old today??  I swear she gets cuter overnight.  Travis and I cannot get enough of her in the morning, we just go crazy for her!!  She is always so cuddly and smiley (after she eats of course) when she wakes up.  Those early morning grins are just the best :) 
And that little profile??  
Yep, adorable indeed. 
I just want to kiss those cheeks and that little nose!  
So, on that note, I think I will :)  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Lindsey said...

How sweet is she! I missed that with my niece since she was in the NICU the first 8 weeks of her life. Enjoy a happy, healthy baby. They grow up fast!

Jason Barthelemy said...

Steph, I can totally see your dad in that profile picture! How sweet, I'm glad you've had some help to get you to the 6 week mark, glad to hear you are feeling more "normal".

Amanda Hoyt said...

Ava is the cutest baby ever! You all are so blessed. I'm so glad ya'll had such a great time in Iowa.

Erin said...

I mailed your CD today! I am so SORRY it took me so long! She looks like she has already grown! She is so cute! My favorite picture is her with her uncle and her cheek against his face! it is adorable! I am glad you are refreshed and still get to spend time with your mom and hang out! Its amazing out today!

Rebecca Jo said...

I cant believe she's already 6 weeks old!!!

She looks so relaxed in Grampy's arms! Just kicked back!!!

all up in each others bizness said...

great to see ya steph! it was the highlight of my day too(very possibly of my whole waterloo,visit....tough to compete with wishbone and golden china though...

Pray for me and I'll pray for you. Pray that we will keep the common ground....remember singing that at graduation? :)

Jesse and Stacie said...

Love it!! I can tell Dave is in love with her :) So cute!

Matt and Jen said...

first thing in the morning is the best!! don't you just want to freeze time and responsibilities??!! she is so precious. glad you got to go to Iowa and escape a bit. miss you...