Happy Memorial Day!

We have been in Iowa for the last few days, relaxing and enjoying ourselves over this long weekend. It's been so nice to get away and get a break! I've loved having Travis around more than normal :) While we've been here, we've been busy. On Thursday night my Mom's friends hosted a shower for Ava and I, which was very sweet and totally fun. I got to catch up with some friends and show off the long awaited Ava! Travis has played golf three days in a row and Ava has gotten more attention and love than the two of us can provide! We were all supposed to go home tonight, but we changed our plans a little and Travis went home without us. He is going to be gone next weekend, so I'm staying a few more days here and then my Mom is coming home with me later in the week. It's totally fun to be able to be spontaneous and get some extra help! Of course I miss Travis already, but he'll be getting the uninterrupted sleep I crave tonight, so it's not all bad!! Anyway, here is a recap in pictures of our last few days. Enjoy!
The little guest of honor and I, who promptly fell asleep the minute we arrived and stayed asleep the whole time!
Don't those drinks look great?? They were!
Some yummy appetizers that I apparently missed. How sad for me, I LOVE shrimp!!
What a gorgeous table that was. We had such a great dinner together, I just loved it!
I of course loved the pink, white and brown touches. It was right up my "girly" alley!
This dessert not only looked amazing, but it tasted amazing too :) I ate one piece, but I really wanted like five!!
My Mom's friends always throw the best showers and many cute details!
Here is a picture of my best friend (literally since birth) and I with our new babies and our Moms.
Brynn was born just a month before Ava :) Aren't they cute? Brynn also has an older sister Ella, but she was with her Papa that night. I love to think that 29 years ago, this would have been a picture of Amber and I.
Amber and I are also a month apart. It's so fun to share this newest season of mommyhood together.
Aunt Jennie loved holding Ava while she slept during dinner.
3 Generations of Mothers, Daughters and friends :)
Here's my Mom's dog, Tigger, who insisted on being in my Mom's other arm while she rocked Ava!
The little cutie with her hair bow from Aunt Melissa : )
Ava finally got to meet Uncle Dave for the first time! She loved him immediately and vice versa too. She looked good in his arms! He even put her to sleep on Sunday night.

Grampy took Ava on their first of many walks together.
She did great and only cried for a few minutes :) Just enough to make Grampy think he might have to jog home! Good thing she fell asleep instead!
Ava is full of smiles for everyone right now! We just love it. I think she looks so much like my Grandma Glenny here. It makes me smile to see that reflection on her face :)
My brother-in-law's parents came over that night to meet Ava and we decided to have a bonfire.
Here's Ava, throwing up some gang signs again!
Right before we called it quits, due to the emergence of mosquitos. Yuck.

Ava with her aunt and uncle after Church.
Grampy and Grammy loved showing her off to all their friends!
And who wouldn't?? She was a little doll that morning :)
She only lasted about 10 minutes in the service before I had to leave and nurse her, but I did laugh because my friend Greta was also in the nursing room that morning and we got to chat! Greta and Jason were in town, visiting friends for the weekend :) Jason and Travis work together, but now we also vacation together!
I have loved being back in my hometown for the first time with my little girl :)
Isn't she the cutest 5 week old you've ever seen??
I hope you've had a great weekend and wonderful holiday today. We love all of our family members who are in the military or have been over the years. What a blessed nation we are to have people like you, who serve to defend and protect us. Thank you!!
Happy Memorial Day :)


Jordan said...

Cute pictures! She's a doll =]

Lindsey said...

How cute is she and what a proud family!

Rebecca said...

She's so pretty! Is she a little bit of a red-head?!? How darling!

petrii said...

Oh my stars ~~ she is such a cutie!!! She is getting so big, and that hair ~~ girl, adorable!!

Have a Blessed day,

Anonymous said...

I can't get over her red hair! SOOO sweet! Those eyes are so big and alert. The shower looked like a very nice affair. They go all out! Peggy

Rebecca Jo said...

She really is the cutest little 5 wk old!!! I love the little black shoes with her dress.. such a lady!

Holly said...

What fun pictures and looks like such a fun picture. I can't tell who I think Ava looks like besides a doll. She's so sweet and petite. Enjoy your time in IA!

Jesse and Stacie said...

I love all of those pictures!! She is soooo cute and I totally think she looks like Grandma Glenny in that one especially. I love the one where she's looking at Dave. :) I miss her sooooo much!! Give her a million kisses from me :)

Leanne said...

How blessed you are to have a family like that!!

Your mom is a fantastic lady too....

God has smiled on you, praise His name!

And need I say how totally cute Ava is? She's got tons of hair!

I don't know about "flashing a gang sign", it looks like she's flashing the "I love you" sign!

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

So many great pics of Ava! The one where she is smiling looks so much like you Steph! Her hair is "wildly cute!" I love those black and white sock/shoes! The shower with Amber was so sweet - what a day to treasure. Grandma Texas misses you all so much!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time with adorable Ava :)
Hugs and prayers,

~Bekah said...

aww what sweet pictures!! Ava is a doll!! OMG, i had the SAME napkins at one of my baby showers. I kept some for Shelby's scrapbook. Pray for me..i'm now 38 weeks, she's head down (Praise the Lord!) but STILL no sign of dialation...and I just developed a sinus/head cold yesterday so if I'm not miserable, I don't know who is! I can't wait to hold my baby Shelby and have my body back..haha.... I totally get why 3rd trimester mommas are so cranky...haha.... i've become one! haha.... i'm thankful though for all this discomfort! God is soo good and we are so blessed!