Home Sweet Home

Did you know we were on a self-imposed blog vacation??
Well neither did I, but it looks like it worked out that way! We've been gone this past week, since Tuesday morning, on a little family two different places! Ryley and Travy were in Canada on a fun fishing trip with my Dad and his friend Kirk, and Ava and I were in Iowa with my Mom for a girls week :) It's been a good time for all of us! But, now we are all home again and under one roof. And that's also a good thing. It's back to reality, back to our normal lives and back to the blog! The bad news is that I've neglected this blog for the last week, but the good news is that I have had some time to think about some fun things coming up, including a big announcement that I'm very excited about!! And no, I'm not pregnant, so don't start emailing me to ask :) Ava is recovering from her first real cold, which hasn't been all that bad, and Travis and I are trying hard not to catch one ourselves. Hope you've all had a great week, I've missed you! I have dinner in the oven and my Iowa Hawkeyes are going to be on prime time tonight, taking on Penn State, so I've got to run. We've got to get serious around here soon :) Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Go Hawks!!


MomMom said...

Congrats to the Hawkeyes! Great game. And, welcome back to blogland. We've missed you.

Heather said...

Been missing you! Ava is adorable, as usual. AK is a little cold-ish, too. So far it's not too bad, though.

petrii said...

YAY Your back!!! Looking forward to hearing your news and seeing some new pics of that adorable girl of yours!!

Have a Blessed week,

PS Congrats on the win!!!!!