What Do You Want To Know??

Thank you for your great questions! I am having so much fun reading them and thinking them through. I will answer each and every one! I'm already working on an answer post, but I think I'll have to break it up into a 2 part series, in order to fully answer these and keep you from reading one long novel! You can still leave your questions, I'll just tack them on to part two :)

Ok blog friends, I'm calling you out and asking for a little participation today!
I'm in a bit of a rut right now, so I'm going to do something I've always wanted to. I'm opening myself up to any and all questions you want to ask :) Questions about me, about our life, about Travis, about Ava, really anything. I would love to hear what's on your mind. However, this is only going to be fun if you participate! If you are a lurker (and that's fine if you are! I lurk on other blogs too) then I'm asking you to come out of hiding, just for this. I've made it easy for you by allowing anonymous comments on this blog, in other words, you don't have to have a google user id or password to log in. You can just write your comment and write your name at the end, instead of logging in. So, what do you think? Are you game? I will post the answers this weekend, if all goes well. Maybe that will help spring me out of this rut :)
So, if you're up for it, Ava and I would like to ask...

"What is it that YOU want to know?"


Donna said...

Do you think your adorable daughter looks like your mother?? She appears to from blog pics...what do you think??

Anonymous said...

Ok Steph... I have been a lurker for over a year (since you did the flower demonstration at Mops). Your post about the easy/hard things about being a mom touched me as I am a bit older then you on my first child and feel alienated sometimes because people my age have several children. I feel lonely sometimes too and LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom and watching my angel grow.

How are you managing old friendships? How are you able to say "no" without guilt? (i always feel guilty when I saw no. I feel selfish)

Thanks for being willing to "expose" yourself:)


petrii said...

First of all, that Ava is so adorable. So CUTE!!! She looks like she likes her exersaucer!!

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite song or group?

Do you sing or play an instrument?

I love these kinds of posts. It is so fun to see the answers.

Have a Blessed evening,

Kaycee said...

I have followed you for awhile (not sure precisely how long, but not long enough to know the answer to this!). What popped into my head when I read your post was what your baby 'road' looked like. I always like to hear the stories of how/when people decided to have kids (if it was a decision) and what they thought about the waiting, how long they 'waited' after getting married, etc. I know you are loving the now but what happened back then? :)

Anonymous said...

Why were you previously a nanny instead of using your college degree in design?

Are you planning on going back to work full-time or sticking with your part-time wedding business?

How are the baby foods going for Ava now?

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of baby Ava...she is such a DOLL! Just you ever plan on getting a home vs. living in an apartment so Ava can have a yard to run and play in?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been a lurker for some time (lover of mommy blogs). I have a seven week old little boy who is wondering if the beautiful Miss Ava likes younger men. Ha, Ha. I am wondering what you have thought about dressing Ava as for Halloween.

Misty in TN

Lindsey B said...

Lurker here! I think I may have commented once before. My husband and I are currently waiting to be blessed with a baby so, your story touches my heart!

So, my question is, how old is Travis? On his birthday post you alluded to the fact that he is older than you....but how much older?!?! He looks super young so this has totally got me wondering!

Also, what is your favorite baby clothing store?

Anonymous said...

I have a daughter the same age as Ava and just love reading your blog! It's so nice to hear from people in the same boat as yourself! :)

Anyway, I was also a nanny before becoming a mom. I have a college degree but chose to nanny instead and felt people questioned me for did you feel the same at all? Do you feel like you were "wasting" your degree at all?

Thanks for letting us all be nosy!

Angelica said...

Hi -

I've actually never commented before but have been following your blog from the time you were expecting Ava. She is the way!

I also don't remember how I found your blog..LOL!

My question...I noticed when you and your family went to TX for your vacation a few weeks made mention that you visited your father in law and his family and then your mother in law...I am assuming they are divorced now I am wondering, how does your husband, as a Pastor, handle this topic/situation when it comes up with others? Not meaning his parents but in other situations.

I don't want to cause offense. I myself left an abusive marriage and am now finalizing my divorce. My home church was not supportive. To the point where I have now searched and found a new church where I have felt loved and welcomed.

Thank you for being so open!

Unknown said...

My question is..

Where did you get that adorable shirt with the "a" on it!!!? It's so cute!!

Manda (+2) said...

Wow my love, I hope you have fun answering all these questions- you're a brave one! I love how ya lay it all out there girl. My question: what color are your favorite PJ's? LOL! ;-) Nah, there's lots better topic mat'l here. Good luck with them! hugs

taralynn819 said...

I'm not sure I have a question, but I noticed the two comments above about being a nanny. I guess it's not so uncommon to earn a college degree and then go change other kids' diapers for a few years!

I have an elementary education degree, but I just don't know if I want to go to work all day and then come home and work some more (grade papers, prep, etc.). That's what kept me away from going into teaching right out of college.

And I wouldn't trade my nanny experiences for anything! (Maybe you should write a post about YOUR nanny experiences!!) I worked for a family in Watertown, Edina, Owatonna, even a family in Boston, and one in Southern Maryland! I was a live-in for most of my jobs.

I found that being a nanny (or au pair) gave me a unique opportunity to meet new people (and see firsthand the good/bad/ugly of parenting), and to experience other places in Minnesota and the US that I would otherwise not get to visit for that long.

And come on, free room and board, use of a vehicle, AND a salary? What college-grad wouldn't jump at that chance!

Plus I would have never met my husband if I hadn't gone to work for that family in Maryland. I met Jeromy just a month into my 1-year contract, and we married 10 months later!!! And now he's dragged me to West Virginia to live. I would never have guessed life would throw me this adventure!

I thought I'd meet and marry someone in college and settle somewhere in the Mpls subs. Of course, I'm not ruling out that we won't ever move there :) but of course life is much different than it would have been if I had gone right into teaching!

Ok, that was a post of a comment but the other comments started it!

taralynn819 said...

Oh, and I have definitely used my teaching skills to teach SS, and maybe in the future I'll homeschool my children, who knows!

At any rate, I'll become my own nanny come April, so I guess it's back to the diaper changing! :)

Anonymous said...

as someone in the ministry who just bought their first home after years of waiting, it is hard for me to believe why someone would ask her if she ever plans to "buy a home vs. living in an apartment." do you really think it's anyone's preference to rent or to live in a condo or apt? anyone with children, anyway? being on a ministry salary is very tough, and words like that can really sting.

sheltonfamily said...

hmmm... i feel like I know your pretty well! I'll do two questions for you.. What is your favorite "Travis" youth group moment from any of the places you have served. Also, now that you have one baby how many kiddos do you think you all would like to have in your family?!!!

Bella said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm a little late and I'll have to admit...I'm a lurker too! But I'm a follower so that counts for something, right?! :-) I have a question about nannying - and this could be a totally separate post but, here goes! I work in the 'corporate world' and have been exploring the option of changing my path. I was looking into the option of nannying. Are there any pros cons that you could point out? Would you suggest it? Thanks - love your blog and sweet sweet family :-)

Heather said...

This is definitely late...but I would love to hear the story of how you and Travis met?!?!?!