It's Fall!

Just because I'd hate to be source of worry or undue conjecturing, let me clear up my "big announcement!" It has nothing to do with any life changes, no jobs, no moves, no babies, etc.! Didn't mean to cause any panic :) I simply am approaching a big milestone on my blog and I've come up with a delightful way to celebrate it!
So stay tuned...but don't lose any sleep!!

How do we know that fall is here??
It's cold outside!! We're officially breaking out the warm clothes and all the hats we own :)
The air is crisp, the wind is blowing and the leaves are changing.
We LOVE it!
And so far, so does this little peanut. She's handling all the hoods that keep gracing her head quite well, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she reaches up there and pulls them off!! I have decided that we need more hats and more socks however!
The last time I left you, Ava was struggling to sit up on her own, still doing the occasional face plant or falling backwards, but if you followed my twitter feed while we were gone, you'd know that we have conquered the art of sitting!! She's relying less on her hands to steady her and is now able to really reach for her toys and pick them up, play with them and then choose another.
This is one of my favorite stages! I love that I can put her on the floor beside me while she plays and I can work on something else. I just look at her often now and wonder where the time has gone. How did we get here already?
In fact, because she has been sitting so well on her own, we decided to try her in the real bathtub last night and she did great!
I think she enjoyed the upgrade from the sink to the bathtub! We put her in her little infant tub and she sat there perfectly the whole time.
In fact, she even played and splashed for the first time! She loved that little duck and that book...Travis read it to her and she just stared at it :) I think we're going to start a new nightly bath ritual before bed now...or maybe every other night. We'll see!
My girl is growing up! I can't believe we're creeping up on 6 months soon and I can't believe September is almost behind us. I'm happy to report that not only is Ava doing great, but I think I'm starting to really feel more and more "normal" every day :) I think it's safe to say that the power of postpartum hormones should not to be ignored! I didn't realize how long they would affect me, until the last couple of weeks when I've finally started to get out of a funk and feel more like "me." It's been a good thing. I think Travis may be relieved to know that his wife didn't set sail for good 6 months ago : ) I just took an extended vacation!

Happy Monday to you all...
And Happy Fall too!!
I'm off to celebrate with a hot cup of coffee and an apple spice muffin....perfect!


Miz Jean said...

Wow! Ava is doing a GREAT job at sitting! Good for you for helping her learn how to do that so well! That's awesome!

And yeah, I hear ya on the hormones. Mine are still pretty messed up. As evidenced by my skin. Oy.

Baths are fun, but we were never able to give Reagan too many and are thus, pretty careful with Madison too. Reagan got some seriously raw skin so we had to go down to only 2 baths a week for a long time. Her poor cheeks really took a beating in the winter. Aquaphor defintely helped - but my doctor was pretty strict on not bathing her too much. Hopefully Ava will not have the dry-skin tendency that we deal with here. If she does, I highly recommend that Aquaphor!

Toni :O) said...

Welcome back!!! We've missed you! I just love checking in on sweet, sweet Ava. I love her little smiles and her hair sticking up...bless her little heart. Can't wait to hear the announcement and hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing your sweet princess with all of us!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Love the bath pictures, haha. Her hair is getting lighter for sure! Wish I could pick her up and smother her with kisses!! :)

Heather said...

Amen, sister, about those hormones! So glad you are starting to feel more like YOU! Ava is such a can just tell from the pics that she has a sweet disposition.
Hope you have a great "fall" week!

Erin said...

She is so cute. Love all the pictures of her sitting up. I can't believe how the weather has changed!!!!

Ron and Peggy said...

Ava always looks happy and interested in whatever happens to be going on around her. I'm sure she will be crawling before you know it. Pulling up on the toilet and having a nice splash! OOooh!

petrii said...

I LOVE your new blog look ~~ it is so cute!!! I also love your hair. Did you get it cut?!! It is so cute.

And little Miss Ava is a doll baby!! She is the sweetest little thing.

Have a Blessed day friend,