Simple Pleasures

I read this post yesterday on Kelly's Blog and it got me thinking about those things that are so simple, yet wonderful in my day.  

-A cup of coffee in my favorite brown mug :) 
-Watching Ava sit on her knees and play by herself.
-An unexpected email from a friend or a card in the mail.
-Travis coming home early from work or going in late.
-Making a to-do list and actually crossing stuff off of it!  
-A trip to Target, BY MYSELF!  
-Extra fun money, to spend anyway I want (this does not happen very often!)
-Doing something for Trav that makes him happy. 
-Finding a great  recipe and making it.
-Giftcards!  A free cup of coffee or a dinner out thrills my soul :) 
-Finding a wonderful bargain :) 
-Chatting on Skype with family.
-Empty laundry baskets because it's all clean and put away.
-Having the windows and the sliding door open all day.
-New thin line sharpies :) 
-A color coordinated calendar.
-A date night.  
-Reading books, playing with toys, laughing, and snuggling with Ava.  
-Checking on her and watching her sleep before I go to bed.
-Climbing in bed every night with the hottest guy I know and knowing that he's mine :) 

It's easy to get wrapped up in what I don't have or what I wish I had, all too often...
But it's far better to remember the many blessings I do have.
Simple and wonderful.

What are some of your simple pleasures??


Kaycee said...

New fine line Sharpies????? Oh I want some now! YOu are a girl after my own heart. Oh, and crossing off things on lists for sure too! :)

Heather said...

I think I am going to post about mine tomorrow. Loved reading yours and Kelly's. My favorite of yours (though I liked all of them!) was going to check on your baby girl while she is sleeping. Those are my favorite moments with my kiddos...just praying over them and watching those sweet faces. God is so good to us!

Jenilee said...

I agree with so many of yours!!! :) visiting from the M2M blogroll