Valentine's Day

Here she is, our little valentine in red.  
Our love bug with her new love bug.
She got a new toy from us this morning and a special package this week that she couldn't wait to tear into.
Uncle Jesse and Aunt Stacie sent her a new book.
And she loved it! Books are becoming one of her favorite things to look at, she turns all the pages and opens and closes the book again and again.  I'm so glad she's inheriting her Dad's love of books!
Thanks Stacie and Jesse!  I love it!
Yes, Travis and I have had a sweet Valentines Day, but I'm not sure Ava can say the same :) This look pretty much sums up our week.  Long and crabby!  Ava's new set of molars made a valentines debut, which robbed our sweet, mellow girl of her joy.  She whined and cried most of the week, clinging to my leg and throwing herself at me.  I ended the week by having a crying fit of my own.  A breakdown to rival her week-long breakdown.  When we dropped Ava off with a babysitter last night, I asked Travis if he wanted to squeal out of the driveway and leave some tire marks down the street.  You could safely assume that we both needed the break from this little valentine and some precious time alone.  
I'm happy to report that we got it.  

We had a fun dinner out and went to see a movie afterwards.  More than anything, it was just nice to be together.  Ava had a fun night herself and she was good as gold for our friends (of course).  I think we're on the upswing of our molar least I hope we are.  Poor baby, she has been such a mess and this past week is one I'm more than happy to say good-bye to.  It's probably been my hardest Mommy week to date.  And I wish I could say I handled it well.  I didn't.  At all.  

But I married the sweetest, most patient man on earth and he has graciously loved me through my own mess.  God was exceptionally good to me when He gave me Travis.  7 years ago today, my valentine made me dinner, gave me sweet gifts, read 1 Cor. 13 to me and then told me how much he knew that he loved me.  It was a day I waited for, prayed for and will never forget.  It changed my life forever.  That precious day led to our precious red head.    

And so here we are, 7 years of celebrating Valentine's Day behind us.  Life isn't perfect, it's certainly not always easy, but it's very, very blessed.  And after I wiped my tears this week and got some much needed perspective, I can honestly say that I'm very, very grateful.   For all of it.  Even the longest of days with a very whiny baby. 

I hope it's been a sweet weekend for you too, no matter what it's looked like.  Happy Valentine's day!  


Faith said...

Bless her heart!! She is such a cute Valentine and I pray that this week is better for you all. Hopefully that date night gave you the refreshment you needed =)

Miz Jean said...

I'm so sorry about your rough week. Glad you got some time away though!!! And that last picture totally cracked me up!

Ron and Peggy said...

Glad you're getting past the molars. They can seriously mess you up! Ian would get diarrhea with his and a couple of times smeared it all over his crib before I found out. I'd almost forgotten that! I didn't get my Valentines made, much less sent.

Jesse and Stacie said...

You're welcome Pagey!! :) Hope your little teeth feel better soon!!