Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Here are some pictures from our impromptu trip to Texas last week for Trav's Grandma's funeral.  Although we were there on a sad occasion, it was WONDERFUL to see so many family that we love!
Trav's Mom and Ava's Texie
Ava and I were very proud of Trav after the service.  He did a beautiful job and helped us all remember the things we loved about his Grandma and the promise that we will see her again one day in Heaven.
Most of us!  It's not easy to get 9 kids happy at the same time, so we tried for a group shot, but didn't quite make it with everyone :) 
Paw Paw and his grandkids...all boys on this side of the family!
Some of his great-grandkids
Ava was surrounded by so many of her cousins, who were ready to scoop her up at a moment's notice!  
This is sweet little Chloe, who was the flowergirl at our wedding when she was 3.  Now she's 10 and so grown up!!  I couldn't believe it when I saw her :) She LOVED Ava and was my little helper while we were there.  
Thankfully, most of us got to stay at the same hotel and we all went back to the pool to play afterwards.  Ava was a maniac in the pool!  She LOVED it and was just as wild as her big cousins!  
It was hilarious :) 
Nana and Ava
Melissa and I decided to watch instead of swim...We got to chat instead.
Where do you eat on Cinco de Mayo in Texas??  
Mexican of course!!
The 3 amigos :) 
Ava and I with the two Melissas!  Melissa from Virginia and Melissa from Texas.  

It was a great couple of days for us to spend together.  We don't get to see each other very often because we are scattered all over the place, but it was very fun to catch up again and let our kids play and get to know each other better.  Thank goodness for blogs and facebook, where we can swap stories and photos, but being together in "real life" is always better!  It was a quick trip, but one we were thankful to make.  In 4 days we had BBQ brisket 3 times and Mexican once, plus gallons of tea with crushed iced, the best thing about visiting every restaurant around!!  Now that's my kind of Texas trip!!

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