Mother's Day in Albuquerque

My favorite picture of us :) 
What a blessing to be celebrating my second official Mother's Day this year!  
This little sweetie and her Daddy made me cry with their sweet cards they gave me, but being with them all day was really the best gift!  
We made plans for this trip, a few months ago, so that we could all be together to celebrate Mother's Day with Trav's Mom and her kids.  We all flew in to his Sister and Brother in Law's house and had a really fun, long weekend together.
Texie and her grandkids
Travis, his Mom and two sisters
The "Mom" shot 
Katy and Shaye
Troy, Shaye, Dominic and Addie
Troy and I decided we needed a picture together, as the "in-laws" in the family
We attempted several pictures, but never quite got a good one of the three of us.  
These days, as long as Ava's not screaming, I'm ok with it!  
She was in her own little mood during our photo shoot!  
This was the best cousin shot we could come up too!  Oh well, they're all cute and at least we had them all together!
After a wonderful brunch, we headed to Old Town to do some shopping and walk around.
It was hot out, but such a nice day to be outside.
We found this adorable little courtyard with lots of plants and chili peppers everywhere.
Ava had a good time walking all over and drinking her juice!  
I love this little girl :) 
We love aunt Katy!
We also celebrated Ava's birthday, one more time, with everybody!
There were no shortage of arms for Ava to go to at any point on our trip!
But her very favorite thing, was being outside in the backyard and playing in this water table!
Hard at work...Don't you just love the stringy wind-blown hair she's sporting here??  I swear we do bathe her!
Trav played lots of football with Dom, Addie and Troy and we also brought our new favorite wii game, Just Dance, which was hilarious for all of us!  Everyone played and we had a ball doing it!  It was a great couple of days in New Mexico and we are so thankful we had the chance to spend some time together!  

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Jesse said...

Few observations...

1) Ava looks crazy cute in every single picture. The scenery ain't bad either! She's all grown up, walking around and wearing her sun dresses.

2) I like your hair (and Ava's crazy "pool-side" do).

3) Looks like you like the deserrrrrrrrt!!

4) The geography of your last week's travel has put me in a bout of jealousy.

5) Visit us next? :)