My Little Troublemaker

Well, if that gives you any kind of glimpse into my day, you know that I am already drinking my first coke and unless things approve, I'll be on my second one in no time!! We got home from Church this morning and I spent the whole drive home trying to decide if Ava and I should join Trav for an all day ministry thing. I went back and forth about a million times and then finally decided that we should go. I quickly made her lunch, got her changed and in a new outfit and then ran to my bedroom to change myself. I was gone no more than 2 minutes and I could hear her walking around the living room, talking and playing. When I came back to the living room, it was suddenly silent and then I heard it...a splash. I knew what was happening before I even saw it!!

I suppose we had it coming. We've gone this long without her playing in Ryley's bowls, but to say she more than made up for it, is an understatement! She was DRENCHED in water, all the way down to her diaper, squealing and laughing the whole time :) Help me Lord! We've got a little troublemaker on our hands!

Yep, that's the clean outfit, worn for about 5 minutes before it was soon soaked in dog bowl water.  Perfect.

And those are her jammies that she had been carrying around, also soaked.  
She emptied 90% of the water all over the floor...
While dipping pieces of dog food into it and eating them.  
At this point, I really thought I might freak out, but I quickly found myself laughing instead.  
Because apparently when I don't know what else to do, I just laugh.  
Oh well, at least it's better than crying!  

Needless to say, we didn't go with Trav and this sealed the deal for us to stay home, which is fine.  It was the just the confirmation I needed!  
After all, she just might be the cutest little troublemaker I've ever seen.  
Even in her soaking wet diaper :) 



Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed that one!

Holly said...

so cute.. and amazing that she has not gotten into it before. I think she has some of her dad's daredevil in her!

Rachael Stensrud said...

HAHA!! So funny!!! It must be the day for naughty kids because I caught Lincoln splashing in our toilet water!!! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Her little squeel is too precious! A little dog water & dog food wont kill anyone! :) What a fun mom you are to just be able to laugh at these moments!!!

Heather said...

I have had that EXACT SAME scenario with Avery Kate and the dogs' food and water!!!! I once fished 3-4 pieces out of her mouth!!!! YUCK!!! It is like a magnet to her!!!! I just wanted to AMEN this post!!!! I am right there with you....but they sure are cutie pies, even in trouble!!

Faith said...

Oh my goodness, look at her! She was having a ball. She's such a cute little mess!!