Complicated Life...Faithful God.

I read that phrase on someone else's blog this week and I thought it was so well said.  Life is messy and complicated and hard sometimes.  But I'm so thankful that no matter what "life" is like, our God is ALWAYS faithful.  Always.  Circumstances change on a minute to minute basis, but God never changes.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  From ancient days to present days, He is who He says He is and His Word and His promises are true.  Is there anywhere else we would place our hope or anyone else we would cling to but Him??? No!!  He is the rock we depend on, the object of our faith and I'm so grateful for a real, living, breathing God who is actively involved in our lives.   On the good days and the bad, through the low lows and the high highs.

We find ourselves in one of those interesting and ironic places in life.  Yesterday, we read with deep sadness some further updates on our sweet friend Karen's fight with cancer.  She is quite literally in the fight of her life and just when things seemed to be calming down and stabilizing, she experienced a huge set-back, again.  We watched the twitters and facebook updates and caring bridge posts all day with great concern, all the while aching for her, her husband and for her 3 boys who are processing this cancer journey to the best of their abilities.  And actually aching for us a little bit too, this is breaking our hearts.  We sent some texts back and forth and prayed all day long.  It's such a devastating thing to watch someone you love suffer, all the while knowing that the Lord has not forgotten her and is still on His throne, despite the way we may feel.

Meanwhile, we are also waiting and watching twitter today, as one of my sweet friends is about to have her little girl any minute now, if she hasn't come already!  We are thrilled for them, so excited to walk this road with newborns together.  Darla is one of 4 other friends of mine who are all due within days of me.  My friend Kim had her little girl last week and my friends Brantley and Amanda are anxiously waiting for their little guys to arrive any day, just like we are.  So odd to balance the elation and joy of new life entering the world and the deep grief of another life barely hanging on.   I find myself shedding tears of joy and tears of sadness all at once.  Complicated Life is right...But Faithful God is better.

Anyway, in the midst of all of it, life marches on...

I would love to share some pictures with you, but I just learned that I have exceeded my photo storage limit on this blog.  Super.  I purchased more, but it hasn't credited my account yet so until photos!  Hopefully tomorrow :)

I hope your Wednesday is full of reminders of our Faithful God, no matter how complicated your day may be.  I'm going to meditate on that thought this afternoon, while I crawl into my bed and rest a little :)

Happy Wednesday!!

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Ron and Peggy said...

Karen and Forrest were in my prayers when I went to bed last night and when I woke up this a.m. They are so weary, I pray God's rest for them. It's so hard to let go and let God handle it.

Thinking and praying for you and Carter in the exciting days to come.