Next Best Thing???

Well, I can't seem to fix my photo problem on blogger yet...great timing before I'm about to have a new baby!  I purchased more storage, it shows up in my account but every time I try to upload photos it says I'm out of storage room????  Frustrating!  Anybody ever have this problem??  I haven't had the time to spend more than 10 minutes on it but already I just want to talk to a live person about it, as opposed to reading through a million "help tutorials" to figure it out.  SOOOOO, because I can't show you any pictures, I guess I'll have to do the next best thing and just describe what I was going to show you :)

It's Friday and I couldn't be more thankful!  I'm ready for the weekend, ready to have Travis home for a few days and ready for my sister Jennie to come for a visit!!  Here are few things I'm thinking about today...

1.  I had my 39 week appointment today...yep, 1 week to go before I'm at my due date!!  I'm dilated between 1-2 cm (Praise the Lord!) and today they were able to "stir things up" just to see if it would prompt any action....IF it works, it would most likely trigger labor within 24 hours, so I guess we'll see :)  The chances are only about 30-40% that it would start anything, however they have assured me it will at least help me to dilate further and prepare my body for delivery.  So, that's good news!  However, the highlight of my visit had nothing to do with that, the highlight was in discovering that I've LOST 3 pounds in the last week!!!  THANK YOU JESUS!!!  That's 3 more pounds I don't have lose later :) I'll take it!!

(Insert recent photo of my stomach profile here)

Since I can't do that, let me just tell you, I look fantastic!!  I mean really, really good.  My hair is amazing and full, my skin is glowing, I'm not showing any extra weight (other than the baby) and I'm sporting a ridiculous tan.  I've got the cutest maternity outfit on, very trendy and not at all dowdy. My rear end is surprisingly toned and tight and my arms and legs look spectacular!  If you could see me right now, you would be impressed.....

Ha, Ha, Ha, this is cracking me up!  I'd love for you to believe all this, however, as soon as I can post a real picture of me, I'm afraid this bubble of perfection will burst immediately and violently!  But since I can't post said picture, let's just go with my description for now, shall we??

2.  Travis' soccer season is still in full swing, although we've now moved out of conference play and into tournament play.  Let me just take this minute to brag about my husband a little bit!  His team finished 2nd place in their conference and had a record of 10-3-1.  They broke all kinds of school records with their standing and their number of wins.  They've never had that many wins before and never finished so high in their conference for men's soccer!!!  Last night they won their first round of the conference tournament in overtime and tomorrow afternoon they play for the championship!!  I am a proud coach's wife :)   My man has done a great job this season and I get to hear just how much the boys like him from all of their parents!  I know every season can't be a winning one, but let me tell you how much fun it is when wins are the norm and not losses!  It's been a great Fall and we have truly enjoyed this team and their season.

(Insert recent photo of team celebration after last night)

I'd love to show you what happened, but let me just set the scene with words instead...Travis was incredibly handsome in his coaching gear and the boys were surrounding him with looks of sheer joy and elation on their faces!  The refs were standing by, impressed by the level of coaching and the opposing coach was shaking his head, stunned by the depth of their loss.  Ava, the cutest fan out there, was in her Daddy's arms and his beautiful wife was in the background, looking particularly stunning on the sidelines.  It was the all-american scene, you know??

...Again, maybe I'm being a bit "generous" but seriously, he was hot.  
And a coaching stud if ever there was one!!  Really, I was sweating.  And tired from chasing Ava, who was whining and ready to go home.  But who wants to picture that????  

3.  My youngest sister Jennie is on her way right now, to spend the weekend with us and we are so excited about it!!  It will be so fun to have her here and catch up.  We haven't seen her for a while.  Also, I know Ava will LOVE all of the aunt Jennie time and attention!!  In a few more weeks, we get to have Aunt Stacie here, which will also be awesome!  This weekend is supposed to be incredibly beautiful, and even in the 80's!!  It hardly feels like October here, but it looks like it.  The trees are in full glory and their are pumpkins and apples everywhere you turn.  I can't wait to enjoy it with Jennie, Travis and Ava!!  

(Insert photo of my clean, organized and beautifully decorated home)

Picture candles glowing, fall decor all over, dinner warming on the stove and our table beautifully set.  It's stunning frankly.  Ava's room is in perfect order and her toys are no where to be seen.  How DO I do it???

Ok, you've probably caught on now and know that dinner hasn't even been started, the bathroom is a wreck, we haven't vacuumed and there toys everywhere!!  But no worries, we've got an hour to get all of that done...

Sorry for the lack of photos, but honestly, I think this was the next best thing!  
Don't you???

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a great weekend!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I totally need to quit posting pictures & just do like you did... my life would "look" so much better! :)

But I do bet you look the best you ever have! That glow!

Praying for the delivery to be soon - but no surprises... safe & healthy prayers for you & baby!!!!

Toni :O) said...

Okay, I'm cracking up! Thanks for the chuckles and uplifting spirit! I'm happy for Travis...yay team!!! What a thrill! Hope the pictures get figured out soon cause we don't want to miss any of your sweet little boy and his arrival. Have a fun and blessed weekend with your family.

Ron and Peggy said...

How 'bout that soccer boy? Congrats on being the supportive wife and daughter! I'm thinking about you all day long. (Coffee mug in the air) Here's to contractions!