We Have 2 Kids???

We spent much of Monday, Carter's first day of life, processing the fact that we now have 2 children!  I'm not sure if it was the reality of little Carter in our arms or the sight of our 2 little blessings together, but we found ourselves repeatedly looking at each other and saying, "Can you believe we have a little girl AND a little boy??"  
Ava came to see us around lunch time and it didn't take her long to want to explore everything in the room, except Carter :) 
We got a good indication of how things might go, when Ava started to get fussy and cry a little bit and as if on cue, so did Carter.  I have a feeling that's going to be "our normal" for awhile.
But soon the "big" sister was back to her animated self!  She wasn't too sure about me in the hospital bed, but from a distance she was happy to blow kisses and smile at me :) I can't really blame her though, I wasn't too sure about me in the bed either!
We did manage to convince her to pose with us for our first family photo!  I love how this turned out, it really was just a sweet moment for Travis and I.  We feel like it was yesterday that we were holding Ava and talking about it being "just the three of us" and now here we are talking about "just the four of us!"  My parents were practically dancing on their heads to get that little smile out of Ava, but I'm glad they did because it worked!!  
We decided to try a little session with her "holding" her baby brother.  She did great!
She was pretty intrigued by little Carter and all of his "parts" :) 
I think she felt a little bit proud of herself, maybe even shocked that we let her have a turn!
She stroked his dark hair, touched his face, and grinned....
...but then she let us know when we had enough!  She threw her little hands up in the air and then acted like she wanted to push him off her lap so she could get down :) We may have a few things to work on!  
Carter handled his first day so well.  We kept looking him over and trying to decide who we thought he looked like.  It took me no time to pull out something blue to put on him!  For no other reason than to remind myself that "HE" was Carter and not Ava :) I can't  tell you how many times I called him Ava or let a "she" slip out!  I guess I'm just used to the world of girls!  
But don't worry Carter, we are THRILLED that you are indeed, all boy!  
And we think you are the most handsome little guy.
Lots of Monday was a blur for you and I both.  
You did great. nursing for the first time and filling those diapers.  I was extremely sore, but every time I held you or caught a glimpse of you. I knew immediately that you were worth it all.
Monday wore us out, but I look forward to many Mondays to come with you and your precious sister!
 It won't be the last time we're all tired :)


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy!!! I just love the photos of Ava and Carver.

Hope that you have a quick recovery and get to enjoy those two little cuties!

Ron and Peggy said...

I imagine today, Thursday is going home day. I'm sure Travis and your parents will do a great job helping you get some rest. Praying for Ava and Carter to have some great bonding time with parents and grandparents.

Rebecca Jo said...

HOLD ON!!!! Is he SMILING in that picture of you holding him???? That is awesome!!!! he's such a pretty baby with all that hair!

I adore that picture of Ava holding him & pointing to his head. She's used to her baby dolls so to see one that actually MOVES . FUN! ... for a minute anyways! :)

Donna said...

Too cute...congrats!!

Sonya said...

Great pictures! I love the first one; he really looks like Ava there!

Christina said...

What a handsome little guy!!! I'm so happy for you!!! What a blessing. Ava looks so big and I love the pic of her poking him! :) Praying for you as you heal!

Faith said...

What a doll! And, as soon as I saw that first picture I thought "man, he looks like Ava!" So happy for y'all!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Congrats on your TWO gloriously beautiful children. God is soooo good.

Blessings to all...