4 Months Old

Ok, this is a little embarrassing are actually closer to 5 months old now, rather than 4!  I'm so late getting this up this month, but better late than never :)
You have transitioned so nicely from infant to baby this month Carter.
So many things that you do remind me of your sister at this age :)
You are such a happy baby!  You smile all the time now and even flirt with us.  You like to grin from ear to ear and then tuck your chin, as if you're suddenly shy.  We love it. 
But you do have your limits :)
I love this picture!  It's as if you're telling me,
"Enough already Mom, no more pictures!"
But I can't help myself, you're just too darn cute.
In addition to everything going straight to your mouth these days, you have also made some interesting strides in your growth patterns.  I just took you in for your 4 month well baby visit, so here are your latest stats...
-You are very tall!  You are 26 3/4" long (94th%)
-Your weight has evened out quite a bit this month, instead of being on the top of the charts, you are right back in the middle.  You weigh 15lbs, 5 oz (53rd%)
-Your head size is also more average now, 16 3/4"(53rd%)
You are wearing size 6 months in clothes for the most part.  Some of your 3-6 mo stuff still fits you well around your tummy, but not in length.  Your legs are just too long! 
You are wearing size 2/3 in diapers and are eating very well.  We've started to consistently add a bottle into your day and you're doing so great with that!  Mommy likes having a little more freedom but I'm also so thankful that you are a great nurser!  I've really loved my time feeding you Carter :)
You are just such a sweet, mellow little guy.  Having a son has been so wonderful because I can tell that already, you are a Mommy's boy :)
But that's not to say you aren't a Daddy's boy too.  You just light up when your Daddy comes home and when he gets close to you to talk to you.  His voice makes your head turn and you just grin and grin when he comes to pick you up.  So far, your Dad can make you belly laugh like no one else!  I love to hear both of you laughing every night :)
We are so thankful that you continue to be a great sleeper! 
You sleep about 10-11 hours at night and you take a 2 hour morning nap and a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. 
Mommy will forever be grateful to you for that :)
It makes me smile to come get you everytime you wake up because you are usually lying there, just smiling and waiting to be picked up :) Your bed is kind of a mess now, as you are wiggling around all over the place!
Your sister is also thrilled to come with me when you wake up.  She gets very concerned if we hear you cry over the monitor.  She usually tells me, "Uh oh Momma, Cartu crying...Uh oh Momma, go check?" 
Her little face peering over the edge of your crib is enough to make my heart melt.  I'm so glad that you have a big sister and that Ava has a little brother!
The trick to making you fall asleep is keeping a soft blanket on you.  I'm forever checking on you and pulling your little stuffed racoon blankie or polka dot bear blankie off your face!  You love to cuddle up with something soft and within seconds it helps you drift off into la la land :) I've had to pray more than once that God would keep you safe and help me not to worry about it!  Thankfully, He is more than capable of caring for you Carter and He has already ordained all your days before they even began. 
Mommy has to remind herself of that a lot as you and your sister get bigger :)
It delights your parents to no end to see the two of you begin to form a bond together.
So many of our days and nights are spent at home, just hanging out together and playing. 
This is a quiet, sweet season and we are soaking it all up.  You are growing way too fast Carter!  I am so thankful that God has given me these days at home to see it all unfold. 
We love you so much buddy!  This has been a great month and we are looking forward to the many changes you will soon be undergoing.  Your sister keeps us on our toes, as she runs and giggles around the house, but we know that soon your laughter and your little footsteps will be right behind her!  And we can't wait :)

Happy 4 months Cartu! 


Rebecca Jo said...

My goodness... he just keeps on looking like his big sis! :) Good thing she's one good looking kid herself - haha!!!

Toni :O) said...

Geez, he is growing SOOO fast! I cannot believe he's over four months old already!