I suppose it shouldn't shock me, I do live in Minnesota.  But we are experiencing yet another, snow day.  Nothing like the blizzard last week, juts a good old-fashioned snow.  It's beautiful outside with flakes gently covering the ground and yet, I'm so ready for Spring I can hardly stand it!  Thankfully, Travis is enjoying this new snow with the junior high students at his their annual winter retreat up north this weekend, and I am home with the kids and my parents.  We are "enjoying" it from the comforts (and warmth) of inside.  That brings our total snow accumlation this year to something around 70+ inches.  That's enough I think.  
As far as our strategy for survival?  Nothing new.  I'm pretty sure all of my pictures for January and February basically look the same!  Ava reading and playing in her room while Carter hangs out.  So far, this year will go down as memorable and simple.  And given all of the crazy circumstances and challenges out there, that's not always a bad way to start off a year :)

Looking forward to a dinner outside the confines of our house tonight :)
Happy Weekend!


Rebecca Jo said...

That picture of Ava with her hand through the window treatments ... & that staring off... that is a precious picture...

I love how she loves books so! :)

Sarah said...

Looks so quiet and peaceful.

Toni :O) said...

Girl, I hear ya about all the in Michigan I think we are about 55 inches...a far cry from 70 but still, we are sooooo tired of snow, cold and slush! Blech! Bring on Spring! Hope your dinner out was great.

Ron and Peggy said...

You poor babies! It will get better. We had the AC on today, 88.